Six Sentence Sunday: Biopunk

Wow, it really has been a while now!  I’ve been editing 4 books since July, so my brain has been in complete edit mode for all that time.  But as BITTER HARVEST–the last of the 4–is going in for copyedits, I’m getting some of my writing brain back.  And I started a new wip. 😀

Further down in my blog is a little post about what the SF subgenre Biopunk means to me, and here’s the 6 sentences from the wip I finally started a few days back:

West ran his fingers through Sarah’s silver-blonde hair and kissed her jaw.  “You want to do more than watch?”

“Perhaps.”  Locke knocked back the rest of the glass and hissed against the burn of the gut-rot alcohol.  “You have somewhere we can go that’s private.”

It wasn’t a question.

Oh, and I’ve fallen before the m/m bug again…

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