Six Sentence Sunday ~ More Agamemnon Frost and the Hollow Ships

The content edits for the first book in the Agamemnon Frost series, House of Death, are nearly all the done and I’m almost half way though Hollow Ships.  So here’s a 6 from that second book:

“And in those moments, I remember who I serve.”

The air seemed to crack between them, the promise of what they couldn’t show in Greenbank Hall, or on the open streets burned there in the thick darkness of the empty corridor.

Frost leaned forward, only a whisper of air separating their lips. “Say it.”

Mason’s mechanical heart drummed in his chest, his body aching. “I serve you.”

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Six Sentence Sunday ~ Agememnon Frost and the Hollow Ships

Haven’t done this for so long. I am such a slacker!

My wip-du-jour is book 2 of the AGAMEMNON FROST trilogy out next year. It’s slow going as I said in the post below –every word has to be checked and reseached–but here’s my six for today.

Mason acted on his need, drawing a trembling line over Frost’s bristled jaw. “You need a shave.” His voice was thick, strained. The slightest touch of the man’s skin sent a shock of pleasure through his flesh. It was why they had to be so cautious. “Sir.”

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Six Sentence Sunday ~ Blast from the past…

I’ve been writing synopses all this week for the Agamemnon Frost trilogy and it would be cruel and unusual punishment to inflict them on people…so here’s a Blast from the Past, instead. It’s Warflesh, an erotic SF menage. 😀

“I could take you right here, right now and no one would have to know.”

Jon’s warm breath brushed over her lips and she groaned. It had nothing to do with her reawakened longing for him. Nothing at all. Her years of training had evaporated under the force of a too-pretty face and an alien drink. “Captain…”

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Fina Brodie is warflesh. Enhanced by her government to bring ultimate pleasure, her negotiation skills secure anything her superiors want. The choice of pleasure she offers has always been hers. Until now. She’s not meeting Kian, Lord of the Tir, to negotiate for their mysterious spice-water. She’s payment.

And she’s not alone in bringing pleasure to the mysterious Tir leader. The man Kian has chosen to join them in the very sexual, very public spring festival has long headed her “never ever” list. Add the spice-water, which is rocket fuel to her already highly evolved libido, and it makes her reactions to Jonathon Raegh all the more dangerous.

But the Tir have a hidden agenda, and as the aphrodisiac qualities of the spice-water ignite long-suppressed lusts, all is revealed to Kian, Fina and Jon in the heat and passion of the arena.

Reader Advisory: Let there be no confusion. The spring festival is a sexual feast between two incredibly sexy men and one very lucky woman. Get the ice water ready!

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Six Sentence Sunday: Under the Lion’s Curse

So I sort of have a title for this wip… *shuffles feet* I’ve yet to see if it stays.

I was hoping to have this one finished by now, but the smexxing is slow, then I was bunny-stuck (mainly as a way to avoid writing the smexxy)… Anyway here’s my six:

Kadesh loomed, his hands now planted either side of her shoulders. A mane of hair hung around his face, thickening the shadows. His low growl skittered across her skin and reminded her, at heart, this man was an animal.

He pushed his knee between her thighs, easing them apart. She swallowed, her pulse pounding. “What do you remember, Thia?”

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Six Sentence Sunday: Lions, Eagles and Men, oh my!

Yes, I still need a title for this short story…can you tell? 😉

Kissed Next Year is quietly brewing, as the first draft is practically done and it needs to rest, so it’s onto this short paranormal wip. 🙂 Here’s my snippet:

Her hand moved, almost of its own volition. It slid up, following the carved perfection of muscle. There too, fur and heat and life pulsed under her palm. It was insane. Yet…she couldn’t pull back.

She leaned in, closed her eyes and pressed her lips to the curved stone line marking the muscle.

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Six Sentence Sunday – erotic dark fantasy romance…

ONCE A THIEF is due for a change, hence the title of this blog. 🙂

And yes, I’ve been slack again about posting sixes. I will promise to do better!

His eyes darkened. Slow and deliberate, he sucked his finger into his mouth.

Embarrassed heat burned across her face. She had witnessed enough debauchery, and her thief craved it, but to see him lick her juices with obvious greed…made her feel her inexperience.

“That’s enough. You can bind the memory.”

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Six Sentence Sunday: Synthetic Dreams

I meant to do this earlier in the week…and didn’t. See me? So completely organised! But I made it in the nick of time 😀

This week’s six is a snippet of a book that’s coming out tomorrow, Synthetic Dreams. Enjoy!

His breath burned against her skin. “Liam was replaced. Seven years ago.”

“And you’re here now?”

His hands flexed around her arms, his body tense. “Don’t taunt the man who’s keeping you alive.”

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Vynessa Somerton was just a girl when she learned about true evil. An encounter with the tyrannical Corporation scarred her body and exiled her to the crime-ridden S-District. Now an adult, Vyn creates glamours, worn by those who visit a virtual playground to live synthetic dreams. She’s tried to stay unnoticed by the Corporation, but her latest invention has brought their agents to her door.

Paul Cross works for the Corporation, but he’s been plotting their downfall since they took his brother and replaced him with an imposter. Paul has a plan to get his brother back, but he’s going to need Vyn and her invention to carry it out.

Vyn agrees to help Paul, but their alliance shatters the barriers she’s put up to protect herself, tempting her to give in to desire. Just as Vyn starts to trust Paul and believe he wants her, scars and all, the Corporation prepares for its final move. Can Vyn trust Paul completely, or has he been using her all along?

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Six Sentence Sunday: Frost

Last week I forgot about my six due to headache from hell *sigh*. I”m doing better this week.

It’s another snip from my Victorian m/m SF romance. 🙂

“What are you doing?”

Frost tapped his temple. “I’m Thyreos, your shield.” His expression changed and one of the man’s many masks slipped into place. The little hint of wickedness stopped Mason’s breath. “And it’s time to prepare you.”

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Six Sentence Sunday: Frequency

A little break from Frost as Frequency–yes, I really should see someone about these F titles!–was released last week.  See the sticky post above this for details 🙂

“Look, Jannes—”

His mouth brushed hers. There was a raw groan…and it came from her. Heat flared under her skin and her body simply wanted to melt. He planted his hands on the wall on either side of her and stayed taut, still.


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Six Sentence Sunday: Mr Frost comes to Dinner…

I’m at about 8k-ish on the this wip now – so nearly half way through. If I’m lucky. And the evil thing spawned two sequel ideas whilst I wasn’t looking. :/

Frost scrabbled down the steep dip of the hill.  His voice echoed back. “It’s all a part of my plan.”

Mason stared after him as he vanished into the freezing darkness, the tracks in the white frost the only sign of his passing. Behind him, the shouts of men and that dazzling flash of light spurred Mason into following him.  “This is a *plan*?”

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