Six Sentence Sunday: Mr Frost comes to Dinner…

I’m at about 8k-ish on the this wip now – so nearly half way through. If I’m lucky. And the evil thing spawned two sequel ideas whilst I wasn’t looking. :/

Frost scrabbled down the steep dip of the hill.  His voice echoed back. “It’s all a part of my plan.”

Mason stared after him as he vanished into the freezing darkness, the tracks in the white frost the only sign of his passing. Behind him, the shouts of men and that dazzling flash of light spurred Mason into following him.  “This is a *plan*?”

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13 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Mr Frost comes to Dinner…

  1. Monica Enderle Pierce

    You’ve got such great motion in this. You always pick just the right details to place me in the scene and the emotions. Nicely done, as always.

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