Six Sentence Sunday: Lions, Eagles and Men, oh my!

Yes, I still need a title for this short story…can you tell? 😉

Kissed Next Year is quietly brewing, as the first draft is practically done and it needs to rest, so it’s onto this short paranormal wip. 🙂 Here’s my snippet:

Her hand moved, almost of its own volition. It slid up, following the carved perfection of muscle. There too, fur and heat and life pulsed under her palm. It was insane. Yet…she couldn’t pull back.

She leaned in, closed her eyes and pressed her lips to the curved stone line marking the muscle.

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6 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Lions, Eagles and Men, oh my!

  1. Oh, wow. That’s hot. She petting a stone carving? Geesh, the description is sweet…heat and fur under her palm when it’s really stone. Nicely done. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

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