Six Sentence Sunday ~ Blast from the past…

I’ve been writing synopses all this week for the Agamemnon Frost trilogy and it would be cruel and unusual punishment to inflict them on people…so here’s a Blast from the Past, instead. It’s Warflesh, an erotic SF menage. 😀

“I could take you right here, right now and no one would have to know.”

Jon’s warm breath brushed over her lips and she groaned. It had nothing to do with her reawakened longing for him. Nothing at all. Her years of training had evaporated under the force of a too-pretty face and an alien drink. “Captain…”

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Fina Brodie is warflesh. Enhanced by her government to bring ultimate pleasure, her negotiation skills secure anything her superiors want. The choice of pleasure she offers has always been hers. Until now. She’s not meeting Kian, Lord of the Tir, to negotiate for their mysterious spice-water. She’s payment.

And she’s not alone in bringing pleasure to the mysterious Tir leader. The man Kian has chosen to join them in the very sexual, very public spring festival has long headed her “never ever” list. Add the spice-water, which is rocket fuel to her already highly evolved libido, and it makes her reactions to Jonathon Raegh all the more dangerous.

But the Tir have a hidden agenda, and as the aphrodisiac qualities of the spice-water ignite long-suppressed lusts, all is revealed to Kian, Fina and Jon in the heat and passion of the arena.

Reader Advisory: Let there be no confusion. The spring festival is a sexual feast between two incredibly sexy men and one very lucky woman. Get the ice water ready!

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