Excerpt Monday: Gambit

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Carina Press have bought GAMBIT *bounce*  To celebrate here’s a sneak peek at an unedited excerpt 😀

Living gold.  It’s a girl’s best friend…

Captain Haf Beyon has a craving for flesh.  Beautiful male flesh-pets grown in a vat, brought to life with alien tech and designed for one purpose: her pleasure.  She works as a runner, ferrying cargo for whoever stumps up the credit.  She also has no qualms about fleecing the unsuspecting rich who slum it on the streets of Ulan Bator.  It all feeds her addiction.

So it’s just another normal day on Arkhengai when one of her contacts points her in the direction of a man and his flesh-pet.  Another mark for her to hustle.  However, neither man is who he appears to be.  She’s kidnapped and offered a deal.  Three crates of black crystal to act as a decoy.  Her mercenary heart can’t resist the thought of such wealth.  What she doesn’t realise is how dangerous the mission will be.  From the outset, hired killers target her and she has only her newly unwrapped flesh-pet—the near-naked Daned Traern—as her protection.

Haf is dragged into a world of insane princes, mercenaries, hidebound tradition and sentient stones.  A world her mother had done everything in her power to protect her from.  A world made so much more dangerous by the man at her side.


Unedited (c) 2010 Kim Knox


His voice, low and too close made her bite her bottom lip.  What was wrong with her?  Shit, had it been that long since she’d had a man not grown in a vat?  “I definitely couldn’t afford you.”

“And that’s a part of the decoy.  People will wonder where you got me?”

Haf willed her eyes to open and fixed her gaze on his collarbone.  Her hand dipped lower, skirting over his hip.  She’d wanted this, time alone and him buck naked, but hell, she was nervous.  Living gold bound deep, brought unimaginable bliss.  She swallowed and skimmed gold over his abdomen.

Daned’s chest hitched and he sucked in a quick breath.  “Captain…”

The title was almost a growl.  Her head snapped up and she held his fierce, dark gaze.  Her blood pounded in her ears and she ached to close the space between them, press herself up against his body and find out whether the rumours of bound gold were true.

“We’re living an illusion,” he murmured.  His head tilted.  “Remember this is just a job.”

“You’re bound to me.”  Need and nerves fired through her and she forced the tremor from her hand to guide the gold over the length of his erection.  A muscle jumped in his jaw.  He could say it was a job, but the tech woven into the gold had other plans for him.  “Living gold insists that your pleasure is my pleasure.”

A smile tugged at his mouth.  “Igasho metal can’t compare to the Ladaian coding in my blood.”

“Is that a dare?” she asked.  His smile curved into a wicked grin, one that had her moving closer, his bare skin so near the need to taste it burned on her tongue.  “Because you shouldn’t throw a dare in the face of a runner.”

Daned traced his index finger along her jaw, a feather light touch that forced the air from her lungs.  “Believe me, you’d know if a Traern found you of interest.”

“And this?”  She teased the blunt head of his cock with the thumb tip.  Gold flowed over him.  “What’s this if not interest?”

His gaze narrowed on her.  “A biological reaction.  My duty to the sunder-seld comes first.”

Haf smirked at him.  “Before you do?  That has to be inconvenient.”

“Finish this.”  His mouth pulled upwards into a bleak smile, but it didn’t soften his order.  “Please.”

“You’re no fun, Daned.”

“I know.”

Haf eased her hand away from his cock and pressed the gold over his other hip.  She ducked under his arm to stroke the warm gold across his buttocks and up over the lean strength of his back.  Haf closed her eyes against the feel of him under her palm, warm, satin-smooth, his skin taunting her, demanding that she trail hot, open-mouth kisses up his spine.  She held back a groan.  Damn it, this was not fair.

The length of gold met the first thread clinging to his shoulder.  Her palm held it there, its molten heat stinging her skin.  Daned didn’t flinch, even as Haf knew that the heat tore through the living gold to seal it to his flesh.

The gold cooled under her hand.  It was over.  Well, almost.  And the almost had her heart beating hard.  She wanted to sag against him, let her forehead fall against his shoulder, needing the reality of him to sink into her flesh, her soul.  Shit, she would come to hate living gold.  The upside was that when it was time to break the bond, her interest would die too.  Her gaze raked his back, enjoying the smooth play of muscles under cider brown skin far too much.  Yeah.  Right.  All interest would just…evaporate.  Not a chance.

Haf willed herself to take a step back.  “Done,” she said.

Daned turned to face her.  Wry humour shone in his eyes and, hell, he had to know how attractive it made him.  “Not quite.  The Igasho have their incantation, the activating phrase.”  He closed the space between them and his voice dropped, softened.  “I believe it’s ‘make me yours’.”

The words spiralled through her blood and beat heat into her face. Bastard.  Was he having fun at her expensive?  Haf lifted her chin and held his dark gaze.  “Living gold needs more to activate it.”

“Yes, I know.”  His finger traced a path along her jaw, the same lightness of touch that flicked fire under her skin.  “Is this enough?”

His mouth hovered over hers, his breath brushing warm over her lips.  Her heart beat loud in her ears and her fingers slid over the hard muscles in his forearms, gripping him, needing the contact to break her desire to take his mouth.  His skin burned under her palms.  “I don’t know.”  Her gaze focused on his lips.  They had to seal the bond with a kiss…and they both knew it.  “Is my pleasure your pleasure yet?”

His mouth quirked upwards.  “No.”

“How about now?”  The first slow brush of her lips over his hollowed her belly and sparked desire in her flesh.  He tasted warm, soft and the hint of strange spices urged her to change the kiss, to tease and play and the first chaste kiss melted into another and another.

Her tongue tip touched his and her fingers bit hard into the firm muscles in his forearms.  Damn it, since when did a simple kiss practically have her shaking? It was the gold.  The bloody stuff twisted her thoughts, her reactions, but didn’t stop her from deepening the contact, of stroking her tongue over his, savouring him.  She thought she moaned, a low, needy sound that seemed to fill her chest.  Somehow, it brought Daned closer, his soft, subtle mouth making her heart pound and curse the fact that too much clothing separated her from him.

Her fingers pushed up his arms, pressing herself against the hardness of his body.  “This is not enough.”  She groaned the words against his lips and drove him back into the edge of the table.  “Not nearly enough.”

For a timeless second she held his gaze, found heat and an unending darkness, just before his mouth and hands found her.  Her world span and her backside hit the table.  Daned was ruthless, demanding, everything she wanted, needed.  Haf clung to him, her fingers digging into the hard muscle of his arms.  The living gold seared through the thick fabric of her tunic, branding her skin, binding her to this man.  Heat coiled low in her belly.  The rub of his erection against her flesh danced sparks behind her eyes.  Almost.  She could almost taste the fire of her release—

Daned ripped his mouth from hers and stepped back.  He wiped the back of his hand across his mouth and his eyes narrowed on her.  “More than enough,” he muttered.


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EM: New Release Monday

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Is my first full length erotic romance fantasy.  You never know, it may even get into print.  I have everything crossed. 🙂

A man trapped by magic, an enigmatic guardian, and a virgin who will bind them all…

Ordered to secure a precious box from the priests of Fausta, Marek isn’t told a virgin ward is part of the deal. Ash’s innocence and need drive him to touch her, taste her, to take the twisted power in her flesh and energize his own. But hidden players force Marek into doing something unthinkable.

Lucas’ soul has been trapped for four hundred years. His new master demands he invade Ash’s dreams and take her virginity. If he does, the treasure she guards will open. He’s happy to obey. However, he finds her guarded by a man unlike any he’s known in his long life.

Ash should deny the fire in her blood, remember who and what she is, but something inside her finds both men irresistible. As their lives intertwine, they’re driven to find pleasure, using their unique blend of sex and magic to fight an enemy who would consume them all.

And here’s a short excerpt.  You can read another, longer excerpt here.  You can buy it here

Her Dark Soul
(c)2010 Kim Knox

Marek stopped. He released her hand and white, stinking light shrouded his fist. He pressed his knuckles against a set of heavy, blue-painted doors. There was a dull thunk and the doors swung inwards. The light died around his fingers and he took her arm. “Inside.”

Her stomach knotted and not from the harsh bite of hunger. She stared along the corridor into the dimly lit atrium. This was her life now, in this house, with this stranger.

“Don’t worry, Ashsara.”

She had to ask. “Was my name on the scroll? Does the emperor know who I am?”


Marek pushed her up onto the wide doorstep and then into the shadowy coolness of the hall. He pushed the door closed behind him. The heavy thud made her heart jump. Marek stood behind her, almost pressing his body into hers, and eased back the heavy hood of her cloak.

Ash sucked in a sharp breath and all the memory of him, of his taste, of the curl of his fingers against her most intimate flesh, rushed her. His lips found her ear. Ash shivered and she fought down the quick, hot rise of need in her veins. She closed her eyes. Her wild attraction made no sense. Was it simply her time in the temple making her susceptible to the first hard male body she met? Her fingers curled into fists, her nails digging into her palm. Dwelling on Marek’s beauty? No, not a wise thought.

“Sweet as you taste, I think I can resist you.” He paused and his breath heated her skin, the pulse low in her belly seeming to fill all her senses. “Well, almost.” He smiled against the shell of her ear and her heart squeezed. “I have need of you now.”

Marek skimmed down her shoulder until he took her hand again, his warm, callused fingers pressing into her palm. He tugged her forward and she stumbled after him, her heart beating too hard.

The walls of the corridor were a blur and Marek skirted the atrium pool, leading her into a small room. He pushed her back until her calves hit a low bunk. “Sit.”

She obeyed him. The warm darkness pressed against her and she tried to stare through it, listen for movement, her body expecting Marek’s touch, fearing it, craving it. She gasped at the sudden arc of burning white light. It illuminated him as he stood beside an oil lamp hanging low on the smooth wall. Darkness swept around them again before another spark dipped into the glass bowl. Soft light filled the room, casting brown shadow into the corners.

The first pull and stretch of the leather strap and buckle on his tunic knotted her hands in her lap. Another followed and another. It was the loudest sound in the room, rising above her pounding heart, short breaths and the crack and hiss of the wick in the lamp. Marek shrugged off the tunic and dropped it over a wooden chair tucked against the wall. He tugged at his loose, linen undershirt and pulled it over his head.

Ash pressed her thighs together, but it did nothing to ease the hard pulse of her flesh. The golden light caressed his hard-muscled torso and her mouth dried. The need to run her mouth over him in quick kisses, to trace and tease her tongue along the silver scars criss-crossing his skin filled her, and her awakened imagination ran wild.

Marek tilted his head and ran his fingers down his chest. “I can feel your need building.” His eyes narrowed. “It’s powerful, wild. Yes, I can see why the priests made you a ward for this box.”

She wanted to look away from him, see where he’d placed the box he’d hugged to his body—and hers—since leaving the temple, but she couldn’t. She could only stare at his mouth, her own lips burning, eager to find him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Is that a part of your power? This ignorance?” He took a step closer and the need to snap at him for his insult died on her tongue. Marek stroked her jaw, his thumb pressing against her bottom lip. He traced its edge. He was a dark shadow looming over her and it quickened her pulse. “Then I must be careful with you.”


She almost groaned his name and Ash didn’t know whether she was asking him to stop or for him to…what? Her imagination failed her. She knew nothing of men, had only caught brief glimpses of slaves, as the eunuchs kept a careful eye on all of their wards.

Marek tilted her chin up and he bent, dipping his mouth down to hers. His lips hovered, the tiny distance he kept between them driving need and frustration in a wild rush through her body.

“What would you like me to do, Ashsara?” His voice soft, deep and so very…male…fluttered her eyes shut. His hot breath teased her parched lips. “Kiss you? Or would you like my mouth on your body? On your breasts? Between your thighs?”

A gasp escaped her at the thought of Marek’s hot mouth kissing her in such an intimate place.

“Ah yes, that’s what you want.” His smiling words brushed his lips against hers. “I’d kiss you, let my tongue tease over your flesh, curl and bury itself deep inside you. Oh and then I’d fuck you so slowly. So thoroughly.”

His words burned through her, stirring the hot beat of her blood. Already the powerful surge that he had brought to her in the atrium of the temple rode fast through her body. Her breathing came hard and she fought the wild wave that would burst out against him and leave her boneless and still aching.

“Imagine me there.”

She bit out a silent curse against him, because she could see him between her bare, parted thighs, the slow movement of his dark head, his callused hands gripping her pale skin.

“Feel me there.” And both of his hands lifted the heavy material of her cloak. He skimmed his fingertips along her thin shift and then his palms rested hot against her legs. His thumbs pressed into soft skin and with a hard grin, he parted her thighs.

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Excerpt Monday: Satin Spar

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Scar’s marbled skin and stunted tail aren’t all that make her stand out. Her Caraniae DNA has a strange effect on the male of the species, which makes her career as a pilot perfect. The less interaction she has with people–with men–the better. She won’t risk her wayward pheromones bonding her forever to one man.

Then there’s her boss’s new bodyguard, Anthony Tyler. The pure-human is tight-lipped about his sketchy past. He also seems determined to work her prehensile tail off.

Once imprisoned and drummed out of the Corps for conduct unbecoming, Tyler is intrigued with his ship’s unheard-of, human-Caraniae hybrid. He spent his career fighting her kind, but when a message from home throws Scar into a tailspin, he finds himself drawn to help her in any way he can. Even if it means risking life and limb to help her sweat out her anger.

Their sparring session turns into something else. Something wildly sexual. Something so wrong as to be suicidal–if Scar’s father discovers she’s bonded with anyone other than the husband he’s forcing her to marry…

Warning: This book contains violence, nekkid wrestling and hot, alien-human naughtiness.

Satin Spar
(c) Kim Knox 2009
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“What do you want me to do?”

She smiled that wicked Caraniae smile. Her strong thighs gripped him and before he knew exactly how, he was on his back. Surprise had worked his grip free and now she pinned his arms to the cool sand. “You disobeyed orders. How?”

“That’s not what I thought you’d ask.”

She smirked. “Satisfy my curiosity first.”

Time for the sanitised truth, the woman was half-Caraniae after all. “There was a suspected nest. We went in.” The Corps had ordered an atrocity at Vistern Ridge. With the end of the war, they’d buried that order and his career. Tyler pushed back the memories; they were a part of his old life. “I refused to authorise the clean up.”

“And that’s a euphemism for…?”

The muscles in his jaw tightened. “It’s not open for discussion.”

Scar leaned forward, pressing deliciously along his erection. Her mouth hovered over his, her lips almost touching. Just a simple tilt of his head would– “Want to discuss it now?”

“Why are you pressing this?”

“What? This?” And she shifted her hips in a slow slide that had him involuntarily thrusting up to meet her. “So…why are you here, Tyler?”

She was still asking him questions. Why the hell was she still asking him questions? “Scar…?”

“Rochester told you who my stepfather is, didn’t he?”

Tyler held down a curse. Sparring with her would’ve seemed natural. Throwing her on her back and offering her whatever she wanted…yes, didn’t he look obvious now? “He mentioned it in passing.”

Scar’s expression was unreadable as she sat up. The friction made him wince. His erection mocked him. “And you just thought you’d drop by, say hello, curry favour?” She wiggled and he sucked in a breath. “Offer me this?”

That wasn’t planned.”

Her mouth twisted and there was a hardness to her eyes, hiding…what? He wanted to label it nerves, but that would be crazy.

“An unexpected bonus?”


She leapt up with an unnatural agility and offered her hand. “Let me try not to kill you.”

Tyler grabbed her hand and she pulled him effortlessly to his feet. “Suddenly this is not a good idea.”


Tyler shucked off his jacket and threw it beyond the edge of the arena. His fingers moved to his shirt and stopped. What was he doing? A fight felt more real, more immediate to him when air brushed his skin. But now, that would be so very wrong. He kicked off his boots and pulled at his socks instead. His toes curled into the warming sand.

“Finished?” Scar lifted an eyebrow. “Can we fight now?”

“Impatient for me to beat you?”

She burst forward, but he stopped her attempt to grab him, blocking her with a palm-strike. Dropping, she tried to strike him. Another block. She swung around and struck out again. She was quick, fast and strong. It was fun to play with her–

“You’re grinning. Think this is funny?” She growled and his balls tightened.

He staggered at the kick to his shin. She leapt, crashing him to the sand, and ripped at his shirt. She nipped at his neck with her teeth and Tyler’s vision blurred. Blood raced south. Her scent burned through him and he tugged at her undershirt, the thin cotton tearing across her back.

“Ah, so that’s what you want to play.” Her lips brushed against his throat, searing the words into his skin.

His hands slid down her spine and found her tail curling tight around his right wrist. It squeezed hard. “Scar…” He couldn’t help the low, warning snarl. “This is not playing fair.”

She lifted her head and grinned at him. “I want to fight, not fuck, Tyler.”

She whipped free of him, standing back, her body loose and ready to attack him again. Tyler rolled to his feet and tried to keep his eyes off her small, firm and now very exposed breasts. Fire flickered under his skin and the only thought that consumed him was his need to get her shorts off. Some insane voice in the back of his head screamed that she had to be naked. And so should he.

“Shall we make this interesting?”

Her green eyes narrowed as she edged around him, matching his movements. “Interesting, how?”

“You take a fall, you lose clothing.”

Scar stared down at her body. She looked back up at him from under her lashes, her eyebrow lifting. “I only have these. You have trousers and underwear. What say we make it even first?”

Tyler paused, to give the illusion that he was reluctant. But that small voice wanted his fingers to fly. His mouth pursed. “Fine.” And his trousers pooled at his feet. He threw them and both of their shredded shirts out of the arena. “Happy?”

Her smile was wicked. “When you’re on your back, I will be.”

His cock twitched. Her scent drifted above the sterile odour of the filtered air and the dryness of the sand, something sweet and intoxicating. His chest tightened. He wanted her–

Scar’s foot connected with his knee and he grunted. Muscle instinct took over and he grabbed her arm, yanking her forward and kicking out her legs. She thumped into the sand, face down. Tyler straddled her thighs. “One for me, I think,” he murmured. His fingers slid down her spine, easing over her ribs until he reached her hips. He hooked a finger into her shorts and twanged them.

“Okay, you got this one,” she muttered and he was certain there was a curse mixed in under her breath. “But after I get you…” her head turned and bright green eyes speared him, “…and I will, then the one who beats the other into submission is the winner. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” Tyler murmured. “Now I take my reward.”


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Her Dark Soul: A *very* sneaky peek *grin*

Excerpt Monday LogoOnce a month, a bunch of authors get together and post excerpts from published books, contracted work or works in progress, and link to each other. You=2 0don’t have to be published to participate–just an writer with an excerpt you’d like to share. For more info on how to participate, head over to the Excerpt Monday site! or click on the banner above.

This is still very much a wip.  It’s unedited and still unfinished, with probably about another 20-25k to go.  I’m playing with fantasy again.  I’ve not done that for a long time.  It’s fun.

Her Dark Soul

(c) 2009 Kim Knox

A tall man, as tall as the eunuch priests was a dark shadow in the high archway.  Ash bit her lip.  He stood straight, his outline against the brightness lean and strong.  An old man the goddess had smiled on?  Was that…

All thought wiped away as he strode towards them and Ash sucked in a quick breath.  The first thought that burned back into her brain was that he wasn’t old.  Far from it.  She willed her mouth shut, because she wanted to let it gape and simply hang there.  Marek the custodian was a man in his prime, with an angled, male face browned by the sun.  His eyes and thick hair were the same colour, as dark as shadow, matching his heavy wool cloak and solid leather boots.  Tavio’s memory paled beside Marek’s beauty and Ash’s face reddened as she felt the unexpected heavy pull of need low in her flesh.

“Marek.”  Nelek hustled forward and gave him a short bow.  Marek returned it with a fluid, physical grace that had Ash’s heart beating hard.  “Everything is prepared.”

Marek’s dark gaze moved away from the First Priest to slide over her, impersonal, assessing and Ash couldn’t help herself, she held her breath.  “Nothing was said about a ward.”  His voice was as dark, as strong as the rest of him and undercut with a hint of anger.  “This changes everything, Nelek.”

“The goddess has spoken.”  Nelek’s light voice sounded pleasant, reasonable, but Ash knew him.  He had risen to his high position for a reason.  Very few got the best of the First Priest of the goddess Fausta.  “And the emperor has placed his seal upon this action.”

A muscle jumped in Marek’s lean jaw and his gaze, which had never left her, narrowed.  Her stomach turned over at the flare of bitter anger burning in him.  “Show me.”

“Marek, you doubt—“

“Show me.”

The words were a low growl that lifted the hairs on the back of Ash’s neck and tingled down her spine.  Her birthmark burned and the unexpected reaction forced her to bit at her cheek to keep back her gasp.

Nelek clicked his fingers at one of the slaves.  The man gave the priest a quick nod and ran back through the smaller door into the priests’ compound.  Within moments, he returned with a scroll, around which curved the blood red and gold of the emperor’s seal.  Marek took it, broke the seal and scanned the contents.  He frowned.

He smacked the scroll back into the slave’s open palm and moved past Nelek.  Ash’s heart hammered as he approached her.  He stopped close enough for her to breathe in his scent, a mix of leather, unknown spices and male skin.  He leaned in.  She willed her spine straight, though her fingers crushed the leather strap of her satchel as his mouth hovered over hers.


Ash ignored Nelek’s shrill voice.  Marek’s dark eyes speared her, and she almost lost herself in their endlessness.  Her lips parted and she tasted his breath, sweet, hot and the temptation of his mouth flared Ash’s body with desire.  The need to tease her tongue over his full bottom lip, to see if could possibly taste as good as he did in her wildly spinning imagination drove heat hard through her flesh, tightened her breasts.  She ached to press herself against the lean hardness of his body, for him to—

“And this is the best ward you have?”  His words spoken against her skin, his lips catching hers in a light caress, broke a gasp from her.  “I could bend her over and fuck her right here.”

Ash’s cheeks flamed and she staggered back from him, her spine hitting the cool stone of the atrium wall.

Marek lifted an eyebrow and his eyes gleamed, his gaze roaming over her body as hot and sharp as any of the slaves who had watched her.  “Yank up your robe.”

Two strides and he was almost pressed against her.  His male scent, the strength of his body pulsed through her, bringing with it a raw panic and a mortifying need.  They’d said he wouldn’t want this, that the custodian would protect her.  His lips teased the shell of her ear and liquid fire flickered low in her belly.

“Want me to breach you, ward?”

Ash cried out as he cupped her, his fingers pressing against the hot, aching flesh between her thighs.  “All right, let’s give the eunuch a show.”


Nelek tugged at his arm, but Ash knew it was as if the first priest tugged at iron and Marek shoved the priest away.  His finger curled and the sudden sharp flare of almost overwhelming pleasure arched her into him.  “Are you a ward?”

He growled the words against her lips and the ache for him to kiss her, the surge of unknown heat tearing up through her flesh made her heart pound.  She didn’t want to talk, she wanted to taste him, thread her fingers through his thick hair and crush his mouth to hers.

“Are you?”  His finger pressed a slow circle into her flesh and she had to grab at his shoulders, her breath little more than pants.  “Show me.  Show us all.”

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Excerpt Monday: Warflesh – sneak peek

Once a month, a bunch of authors get together and post excerpts from published books, contracted work or works in progress, and link to each other. You don’t have to be published to participate–just an writer with an excerpt you’d like to share. For more info on how to participate, head over to the Excerpt Monday site! or click on the banner above.

WARFLESH – by Kim Knox

Here’s a sneaky peek at my latest novella for Ellora’s Cave. No date yet, it hasn’t been edited and I think it’s only me, my editor… and now you who’ve read this… *grin*

Short blurb

The emperor of the Hatrailt is old, dying and he needs spice-water to stay alive.  He will sacrifice almost anything to get it…and that includes Fina Brodie

Fina is warflesh.  Enhanced by her government to bring ultimate pleasure, her negotiation skills secure anything her superiors want.  The choice of pleasure she offers has always been hers.  Until now.  She’s not meeting Kian, Lord of the Tir,  with her guard, Jon Raegh, to negotiate .  She–they’re–payment.


The warm scent of his skin taunted her and she focused on every breath.  She had to, because the need to surge forward and take his luscious mouth consumed her.  “This is a part of the mission, Jon.  We drink the water and we…resist.”


Her flesh tightened at the promise in his question.  He moved closer, his hands sliding over the smooth leather of the seat, bringing his tempting mouth so much closer to hers.  She swallowed and couldn’t stop her instinct to lift her face to his.  “As I said—”

“I could take you right here, right now and no one would have to know.”

Jon’s warm breath brushed over her lips and she groaned.  It had nothing to do with her reawakened longing for him.  Nothing at all.  Her years of training had evaporated under the force of a too pretty face and an alien drink.  “Captain…”

“This isn’t whatever the hell was in that water.”  He fixed his gaze on her mouth and her lips parted involuntarily.  “Had a senior Captain not been on the deck, I would’ve pushed you up against the hull of this transport and fucked you.”  His thumb traced over her jaw, her chin, the contract electric.  “You wanted that.  You want me.”

Her throat tightened, the thud of her heart too loud in her ears.  This wasn’t the Jon she knew. No, the spice-water had him in its grip.  The painful memory from the darkened alley reared again, of how she had witnessed the heat die in his eyes.  She’d thought to grab her chance after he’d been called up to the Antilles Squadron as she was unlikely ever to see him again.  But Jon had pushed her away, stood back and coolly said he was sorry for giving her the wrong impression.  The memory pricked at her growing need.  Seven years and the pain of his rejection still twisted her insides.  His desire for her was false.  And it stabbed at her, more than his disinterest ever could.

She forced out her answer.  “No.  It never occurred to me.”


Fina straightened, her fingers pressing the cup hard into her palm.  She needed something to distract her, but even the pain of the cold metal into her skin didn’t work.  “I don’t appreciate being called a liar, Captain Raegh.”

His eyebrow lifted.  “I could use my mouth for things other than accusation.”

“Our orders are to drink only.”

“Really?”  His thumb drew light across her bottom lip and the simple touch pulsed hot under her skin.  Her tongue tip flicked against his thumb tip and he sucked in a quick, harsh breath.  “Why?”

“Orders are orders.”

His thumb slipped away, but his fingers splayed over her cheek, her neck, tangled in her hair.  His lips almost, almost brushed hers.  It forced her heart into her throat and she couldn’t breathe.  “You’re an ambassador.”

“Today.  Most other days, I’m a grunt.”  And that was an unwanted truth.  She had no power, no say in her mission.  She pulled in air and his breath mixed with hers, sweet, wanted and her spine arched, closing the millimetres that separated their mouths.  Her lips touched his and her chest hitched.  Jon’s fingers curled in her hair and his slow tasting of her upper lip, the light graze of his teeth pulled a low moan from her.  “We…shouldn’t.”

“Who’s to know?”

The question sank through her and the little cup in her hand bit hard into her palm as she squeezed it.  “Lord Kian would…”  His tongue teased over her lip and she tilted her head, drawing them closer until her mouth covered his.

Fina closed her eyes and listened to the wild beat of her heart.  What the hell was happening?  How could a simple, almost chaste kiss have her blood pounding and her flesh tight?  And a kiss would hardly be considered a breach of his orders.  Wouldn’t it?  It had to be, because she couldn’t pull away.

The thought of pushing for more peaked her nipples. Jon.  This was Jonathon Raegh, a man she had ached for.  She teased her tongue against his and his fingers curled, fisted into her hair, his moan mixing with hers.  Damn, he tasted…incredible.  Just sweet and hot and unlike any man in her long, long career.  Fina deepened the kiss and it was just a kiss, nothing more. Harmless.  Innocent.  She broke her grip away from the cup to trace light fingertips along his smooth, warm jaw, to ease into his hair and urge him closer, harder.

“This is resistance?”

His question, rushed, wild burned through her and she took his mouth again.  Couldn’t help herself.  His taste was addictive.  Just a kiss.  Harmless.  But not innocent.  Not this time.

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Excerpt Monday: Consort rated NC17


Another Excerpt Monday


November Eve. The Hunt Ball. And to prove her right to rule, Tate must capture a mate. It should’ve been simple. Snag a vampire barely turned and have him kneel and swear devotion to her. But Fate has other plans…and one of them involves the powerful son of the ruling Queen.

Jager, a vampire she’s hungered after for years, allows himself to become her prey. But with his promise of sinful, wicked pleasure comes a catch. Jager only wants her as his slave. Nothing more.

Tate has no plans to bow down to him…until Jager shares a shocking truth with her. Suddenly Fate is playing hardball.

Excerpt: Consort
(c) 2009 Kim Knox

Jager stalked me, catching up with my fast pace. His boots echoed over the old, damp stone. “Don’t worry, Tate, you’ll be escravo. My escravo.”

My laughter rang around the stone walls. “I’m on the scent of three fresh, young tanao. I’m sure they’d be eager to please and welcome the prestige of being a queen’s consort.”

“This is all hot air.” Jager’s soft, deep voice flowed through the silence of the stone corridor. “You’re hunting me, Tate. No boy with the grave-soil still clinging to his skin would satisfy you.”

“I’m hunting you?” I glanced back. The hot glare of a spotlight washing white light over his features, created a stark, shadowed mask of his face. “Do people usually hunt by walking away from their prey…at high speed?” I smirked at him. “You, I have no interest in. Too old, too hidebound,” my smirk grew, “too used to being your mother’s lapdog.”

He growled, the white gleam of his fangs making my gut tight. No one had the right to be that beautiful, and the primitive part of me, my beast, demanded I stop right there and jump him.


I stopped and turned. The fury rolled off him, a thick wave of anger that surged through me. I willed control and kept the sharp grin on my face. “Aren’t you?” His dark eyes gleamed with fire and a hint of his primitive self watched me. I felt it. The heat of the beast at his heart, glorious, ancient. My own beast ached to growl, to sink sharp fangs into his heart and make Jager ours.

I soothed it with promises. Brute force wouldn’t win a man like Jager. He had to be played, as he planned to play me. The rewards if we won almost had the beast purring. But the danger if we lost terrified me.
Tilting my head, I softened my smile and saw the mistrust flitter across his features. “Now, run along, Jager. I’m sure there must be something in ancient lore about hounding a reiver like this.”

“You touched me.” The distance between us vanished and his body heat swept over me. He took my hand and pressed my right index finger to his lips, the contact running a shock under my skin. His mouth curved into a smile and satisfaction swept off him. “Feel that connection? You marked me, Tate.”

I traced the edge of my thumbnail under his lip. My heart thudded as my mind raced. Already, Jager had backed me against the cool stone of the corridor wall. His height blocked one of the spotlights, throwing his face into heavy shadow. His heat and scent wrapped around me and I tried to ignore the sudden rush of need that had my nipples hard and aching. “Hardly a mark,” I said, very aware of how close his mouth was to mine. I wet my lips and the soft liquid growl escaping him pulsed need low in my belly. His erection pressed hard against my abdomen. “More of a smudge. You’re grabbing at any excuse, aren’t you?”

“Bluff all you want, Tate.”

Heavy hands slid over my hips to pull slowly, inch by inch, the silk of my gown up over my buttocks. The constant brush of light fingers against my ass, the rush of cool silk against my skin and Jager, holding my gaze with a promise of such wickedness… My heart thudded and the ache intensified. I wanted him. And he knew it.

“Let me have you.” The soft words brushed against my lips and my body melted under him. Clever fingers caressed my skin, sketching lazy patterns, edging over each cheek. They slid further, slipping and playing with the damp curls between my thighs. Slow strokes and the tip of his finger pressed, pushed… I gasped as he sank into my tight, hot flesh. His finger stilled. “Let me in and I promise, I promise you such pleasure. An eternity of pleasure.”

He pressed little kisses over my jaw, edging down over my neck to the pulsing artery just below my ear. Fangs pushed against my skin, hard, sharp, pinpoints of assured ecstasy. So simple just to give in. My power as a queen, the heavy burden of it, I could let it all devolve to him and have no fears ever again.

Thoughts of Jager blanketed me, the surge of him in my mind, my flesh, all consuming. Two natural-born vampires… The sex would be incredible. I tugged at his belt, buttons, my fingers finding the solid heat of his cock. Jager’s head jerked up. He bit and laved his healing tongue over my throat, jaw, lips, my mind dizzy from the burning points of bliss. He stared at me, the beast in his eyes flared, and I circled my thumb over the sensitive head of his cock.

His arms tightened, trapping me against his body. “Say you want me, Tate.”

It would be so easy to fall under his spell, and it was a spell. A heady magic that had trapped seven women down through the centuries. Seven. My beast railed against that. Share my conquest with other women? I didn’t share. I was a queen.

My gripping fingers slid down and then up and Jager started to pump into my hand. He growled, the soft, skin-tingling sound brushing warm over my lips. Jager buried his face in my neck, fangs almost, almost breaking the skin. His fingers stretched and pushed, eased deeper into my flesh. In and out, mirroring the slide of my palm over his cock. I crushed my eyes shut against the tight knot of desire in my belly, the hollow ache of my flesh, the need I had to shift my hips and sink onto Jager’s thick cock and ride him ’til I screamed. My beast growled, the escaping sound pushing Jager’s fingers deeper, his thigh shoving up hard against my pubic bone.

I could ride him and find complete bliss—just like all the others.

The beast within wrapped around my conscious thoughts. We hunted for ourselves, not to share Jager with weak-willed women. The growl I released then stilled him, a snarl of possession, of power. “Kneel.”


I pulled my hand away from his cock and wiped my palm and fingers on the tail of his shirt. Pushing out, I loosened his arms and his fingers slid from my wet flesh. I stepped away from him, and eased my silk gown back over my exposed skin. My beast sat low in my soul, feeling nothing but pity for Jager, and I let that feeling show as I glanced over his disheveled clothes. He tucked his damp shirt back into his trousers and resettled the smooth material of his jacket over his shoulders.

I lifted my chin. “I release you from the mark.”

“You can’t do that, Tate.”

“I can do anything I bloody well like, I’m a queen.” And I turned from him. The air still burned with the scent of desire, need, and drawing it into my lungs, I wanted nothing more than to fuck Jager. But my beast and I were in agreement. Jager could fuck himself before he fucked us.

“You will kneel before me.” His voice echoed over the stone walls, raw, hard and the ache to taste his power burned through me. I resisted. “This isn’t over. Before dawn, I will have you.”

Ellora’s Cave

Jasmine Jade

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Excerpt Monday – Demonic Attraction – NC17


This is a rather naughty snippet from my release last week – Demonic Attraction It’s EC Exotika – I still can’t quite believe I wrote one of them, hehe.  This story is m/f/m with a HEA 🙂

Excerpt Monday


Anya Sigurdson is counting down the days. Alone, working on an array orbiting a distant moon, the isolation is seriously cramping her access to sex. Until her remaining thirteen days are up, her own fingers will have to do—or so she thinks.

The Damianos have other plans. Coming from a race of pure energy, the Damianos seeks pleasure in flesh and have an unusual talent. They can fracture into as many lovers as Anya needs. She is a joy, a rare find, and they intend to enjoy her, love her every chance and every way they can. But to keep her they need something else, an anchor, another body to fix them in her dimension.
And a prime candidate is on his way.

Excerpt – NC17
(c) 2019 Kim Knox
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Anya drew the oxygen-rich air deep into her lungs and let out a slow sigh. The first chamber, a large domed room deep in the interior of the platform, burst with plant life, the golden light of a new morning creeping over the curved blue ceiling. She ran her fingers over the soft leaves of the nearest plant. Small buds promised flowers in a few short days.

She focused and pushed through the first row of dense planting to the monitoring equipment buried in the wall. She palmed the plate, waiting for it to slide back. The soft hum of the revealed tech mixed with the rustle of vegetation and the whirr of insect life. Her practiced eye scanned the pulsing organic instrumentation. “Working well today,” she murmured, pressing to move the plate back into place with a familiar hiss and clunk.
Her body jerked forward, thumping into the wall, and a half cry escaped her. A hard torso pressed against her back and a boot kicked her legs apart.

“Wearing flesh. It’s been a while.” The soft voice sounded like Thain Alder…but underneath, Anya knew that hint of a growl and then she tasted it, the bitter burn of coal.

She twisted her head to look behind her and the physicist grinned at her, something confident, possessive and not like the man she’d left behind in the refectory. Well, not until that scorching final stare… “Damianos?”

“You wanted us to take you in front of them.”

Heat scalded her cheeks. Yes, only Damianos would know that embarrassing thought. “I did not.”

His hands slid over her breasts and pulled at the tabs securing her uniform. He slipped teasing fingers inside to circle her nipple.

Anya’s forehead pressed against the smoothness of the wall, needing to deny the low pulse in her belly. “You can’t do this. Just…wear…someone else.” She moaned, but didn’t fight him as he pulled the uniform over her shoulders, exposing her to the warm, damp air. “Is he…there…?”

“No.” Warm lips pressed to her shoulder and he drew in a heavy breath.

“You’re ours, not his.” The words tightened her pussy and she swallowed. Open-mouthed kisses chased over her skin and Anya wanted more, wanted them to fuck her again.

“This is insane,” she murmured as Damianos used his borrowed hands to strip the rest of her uniform from her body. Fingers teased over her ribs, up to her shoulders until he gripped her arms, urging them up. His fingers ran over her skin until his hands flattened hers to the wall above her head.

“Completely insane.”

There was the soft click of opening buttons. His heavy cock nudged against her ass, and Anya drew in a sharp breath. “Do you want us to stop?” he asked

“Now you’re the crazy one.”

His laughter brushed hot against her neck, the smooth nap of his service suit soft against her bare skin. A slow hand slid over her hip, exploring, playing until his index finger dipped and teased her clitoris. She gasped and it pushed further. Anya felt Thain’s smile against her skin. “You’re so wet for us, so ready.” His other hand slipped though the cleft of her ass and the press of his smooth cock, pushing hot against her pussy, had a hollow, needy ache coiling tight.

Thain groaned, Damianos’ growl underlying it as he slid deep into her pussy, filling her. His free hand found her breast, cupping, tweaking an aching nipple, making her push back against him as the need for him to move rioted through her.

“Damianos…” Their name was almost a moan. And then he pulled back, and pushed hard into her, grunting at the effort. Her fingers curled tight against the smooth wall. She wanted nothing more than to feel them, feel all of them in the warm, damp air of the sealed chamber where she could scream her release and no one would—

“Thain, what the hell are you doing?”

Croft’s sudden barked question froze her, but not the pounding of Thain’s hips, the tight pinch of his fingers over her nipple, nor the fingertip that rasped against her clitoris. He had to stop but… The knowledge that Croft watched seared fire through her flesh. Damianos growled against her skin, the hard slap of his hips against her ass, his defiance had her hot and there, just…

Orgasm smashed into her. Anya bit at her lip to stop the scream that wanted to tear from her throat. Her head dropped and she crushed her eyes shut against the sudden wave of embarrassment. Now she had to face the fallout of being found naked with a man she’d only known for half an hour.

“Turn her.”

Anya’s stomach dropped. That didn’t sound like… Thain pulled free of her body and with his hands steady on her hips, guided her trembling body to face the pilot.

Nathan Croft gave her a hard grin that matched the one she’d seen on Thain’s face. His gaze slid over her nakedness and she didn’t miss the excited gleam. “Did you enjoy the idea of being caught, Anya?”

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Excerpt Monday: Flesh and Shadows – SF Erotic Romance – R

A little snippet from my latest Ellora’s Cave release 🙂  Enjoy!

Copyright © KIM KNOX, 2009

Buy link: here

“Are you listening to me?” Rand closed the short distance between them.

He stood over her and his scent threaded into her blood. Clean male skin with something under it, a potent heat that brought with it images of the hot, damp jungles, heavy air and predatory power.

“No,” she said, glaring up at him. Light cut across his features and the sinuous line of his black scales glistened. It had to be the venom tearing through her body that kept her heart pounding and her mouth dry. “Mainly I’m stuck on how you poisoned me.”

A smile tugged at this mouth. “We can easily change that. Forget to mention my…corruption,” his lips parted and she could only stare at his teeth as his canines grew and sharpened, “and I’d be more than happy to share the antivenin with you.”

“I know what the statistics are on the success of your cure.”

“From a pure shadow-snake,” he said, his tongue tip touching his sharpened fangs before they slid back into his upper jaw. “The antivenin you’ll receive is synthesized from my venom.”

Niamh pulled in a breath, but no air seemed to expand her lungs. He was too close and his poison had her brain spinning, because she wanted to lick the sharpened edge of his teeth. She crushed her eyes against her insane need and clung to her sense of duty.

“I can’t allow you to remain in charge.”

Rand ran a calloused fingertip over her chin and she shivered. His dark eyes bore into her. Adrenalin surged through her system and she fought for calm. The more she panicked, the faster the venom coursed around her body. Niamh bit her lip and willed her blood to slow.

“I admire your strength,” he murmured, the slow stroke of his finger over her jaw almost mesmeric. Niamh focused on his touch, using it to make her heart ease its fast pace. “I do.” His gaze fixed on her mouth and her pulse spiked. She held down a curse. Why was she reacting to him? “Do you know how shadow-snakes mate?”

Niamh’s breath hitched in her chest. Her thoughts shot back to her illicit dream, to Rand’s mouth hot and moist against her abdomen. “I’ve no interest in it.”

He leaned in, his breath warming her flushed cheek. “It’s all about the bite.”

His words had her skin prickling. She swallowed and tried not to feel the cool brush of his hair against her skin. Rand’s lips moved so close to her ear she ached to tilt her head to his touch.

“The male sinks his teeth into the soft throat of the female,” he murmured, his words falling against her skin as his lips eased over her throat, still not quite touching. “With a single bite, he penetrates and brings her to ecstasy.”

“Over so soon?”

She felt his smile in the change of air against her skin. “That’s the snake. Not me.”

Niamh blew out a slow breath. His intoxicating scent wove through her senses, disorientating her further. She couldn’t think, only feel the heat of his body pressing over hers, each breath prickling her skin and his lips so close to touching that everything in her ached. “What are you doing to me?”

She crushed her eyes. Stupid to admit that she was completely unnerved. She was a field service agent, the face of the central government in the quadrant. Now one man, with simply a dash of an alien reptile, had her thrown.

Rand’s soft laughter pulled at her and his finger traced down her throat to the open neck of her blouse. He skirted above the swell of her breast. Niamh’s pelvis tightened, wanting to deny the ache, the way Rand’s calloused fingers excited her skin. “Unlike the snake that bit me, I like to play.”

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