I’ve been writing…honest

Well, I’ve been trying to.  My vampires won’t play nice.  I just have the last sign to write before I get a couple of people to look over it, go *argh*, I rewrite it a bit and then I commit its soul to the ether… 😀

And I’ve been hit by a contemporary romance idea, the first one that’s had legs in ages. My contemporaries are much harder to get right than the sf/fantasy books.  Books with high body counts are much easier to write…though this contemporary may have a few littered through it, hehe.  Something to appease the ghoul in me.

Oooh and soon I’ll be able to reveal my new cover for WEAVING WORDS.  It’s by Anne Caine, so naturally it’s gorgeous 😀

Right, back to my vamps, which now has the title, REIVER, much to my relief.  I didn’t think a title would ever come for this one, lol