Okay, what’s wrong with me…

…because I had another good day of writing. 1211 on Satin Spar and 319 on Fracture (which I shouldn’t have jumped into yet… but the temptation was there so I took it.)

It seems to be a combination of things:

1. The end of the story for Satin Spar. I always write fast as I come to the end of a story as I finally have a good idea about the plot and the characters by this point. 😉

2. Sweating with Sven. There’s something encouraging about knowing 300 people are doing exactly the same thing and are sharing it on their blogs and on loops. It’s more personal than NaNo.

3. The Colonel. I have a reward icon that I’m not allowing myself to post until I finish Satin Spar. Sad, but there it is. It is a very nice icon though *grin*

So, hopefully I’ll get my minimum word count out this morning as this afternoon I have to go to Frodo’s school to watch the infants perform a dance. The invite says Salsa. My mind is boggling, LOL

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