Trying to write a sex scene

And the place not to do it is in the middle of an old warehouse that’s been turned into a children’s soft play centre. *sigh*

I was completely paranoid that adults, staff, children passing the table would try to read over my shoulder. I was the only person in the vast space with a laptop, to I had the curiosity factor against me. Normally, I’m not so twitchy and people will nose…but this time and this particular scene had be bouncing the file open and shut every five minutes. Needless to say, in the time I was there – about an hour and a half – I only got about 300 words written, LOL

I am edging ever closer to the end, though. Which is cool.

On the Sven front:

I got over 1500 words written yesterday and I started to read through Weaving Words, to try to get a handle on that story again.

And soon I’ll be able to post my first reward icon… *squeeee*