Spiders… *shudder*

It’s been wet here all summer and that according to some sources The Ent found that means that it’s been a great time for spiders.

This definitely seems to be the case in our house. They are bloody everywhere. And not just little cute money spiders, but the ones that are all legs and teeny tiny bodies. I came down one morning to find the first makings of a web from my front windows to the couch!

So to this morning. Samwise wanted to draw. He has a large gift bag that he got from a recent wedding and it’s full of paper and pens and crayons. He sticks his little hand in it… and shrieks. There’s a spider in the bag. And not a little one. This one is four inches across and its legs are long and its body is big. It looks like an Arachnophobia spider. Eeep.

I am not the best shoo-er away of spiders in the world and this one creeped me out big time. So, we left the mega-beast in the bag and I took Samwise to pre-school, with the promise that I would shake the spider out into the garden.

I’ve just done that, and I still have goosebumps. *shudder*

To Sven news. I got 1300 written yesterday so my first 3 day total was 2869 which is fab, LOL I also made myself a new Colonel icon which I’ll post when I finish Satin Spar. Yay.

3 thoughts on “Spiders… *shudder*

  1. Sounds like a hunter spider – did it have a pair of big mandibles at the front?

    I read somewhere that the Daddy longlegs (Crane fly) is the most poisonous native UK species to humans but it can’t puncture skin so it’s completely harmless.

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