Okay, what’s wrong with me…

…because I had another good day of writing. 1211 on Satin Spar and 319 on Fracture (which I shouldn’t have jumped into yet… but the temptation was there so I took it.)

It seems to be a combination of things:

1. The end of the story for Satin Spar. I always write fast as I come to the end of a story as I finally have a good idea about the plot and the characters by this point. 😉

2. Sweating with Sven. There’s something encouraging about knowing 300 people are doing exactly the same thing and are sharing it on their blogs and on loops. It’s more personal than NaNo.

3. The Colonel. I have a reward icon that I’m not allowing myself to post until I finish Satin Spar. Sad, but there it is. It is a very nice icon though *grin*

So, hopefully I’ll get my minimum word count out this morning as this afternoon I have to go to Frodo’s school to watch the infants perform a dance. The invite says Salsa. My mind is boggling, LOL

My general obsession with fanfic

On some days I can’t help myself: I have to read fanfic. It’s one of the illegal pleasures when I should be writing…

I first discovered it on the web about 5 years ago and have been addicted ever since. I’m a sad SG-1, CSI obsessive, LOL There’s also the odd Blake’s 7/Voyager crossover, which is fun.

I realised that when I first started writing… far back into the mists of time *sigh*… that I wrote a form of fanfic. The characters were already set. And of course the heroines were total Mary Sue’s *grin* But as an entry into learning how to write it was useful. It got me writing. It kept me writing. And me being about fourteen it was completely awful, LOL

I’m not going to share my early fandoms, though. The writing was bad enough *cringe*

I wish I could write fanfic, though. I can never make the characters canon. Kudos to those writers who can. And you know who you are… *grin*

It might me a good thing that I can’t do it. It would be yet another distraction from getting my dragon story finished…