Reviews, reviews, reviews!

Netgalley has been good to me and seriously swamped SYNTHETIC DREAMS with reviews. It’s been great 😀
So here are snips from some:

5 stars
“If you looked up the definition of Science-Fiction Romance, it should simply say “Kim Knox.”

4.5 stars.
“okay, seriously awesome stuff here..It was just so so good!
Synthetic dreams took me completely be surprise, it’s so,so far beyond what I was expecting, I’m still reeling! it’s a well told engrossing read…with strong, interesting characters…”

4 stars
“This short sci-fi tale is sophisticated and well-written. The complexity of the setting only highlights the characterization of Vyn and Paul, and Vyn’s unraveling of her circumstances reads as a tense and exciting thriller.”

“If you enjoy sci-fi, action and romance that you’ll enjoy this story too! Although I’m not an expert on Science Fiction, if it’s anything like what Kim Knox writes, well then I’ve found a new favorite genre.”

4 stars:
“The story has the perfect pacing. Smooth and flowing with a lot of action. It never felt rushed, it never felt too overly packed, and it also never dragged. I think the most compelling thing is that I literally can’t tell you anything about the story without giving something away. Hell, just telling you that it was a love story felt like too much.”

B review
“…Ms Knox never takes the journey I am expecting with her work. She threw several twists into this one some of which made me glad I don’t live in a fully wired world. One of the things I enjoyed is how Paul and Vyn traded being the person who had to take charge to ensure that they were able to escape the grip of the Corporation. Overall the world-building, the twists, and how Vyn grew were what carried this book for me.”

Great first review for Shapes in the Blood!

Dee Dailey at The Romance Studio gave Shapes in the Blood, my paranormal futuristic fantasy from Loose Id, 5 Hearts!

Aila Parry feels like she should have known Nathan Ahern was too good to be true. Four hours late, he shows up for their date and manages to convince her to go out with him. Things get out of hand when he literally begins to change before her eyes and she has to run for her life. Is Matt Kinnon her rescuer or just another version of Nathan?

Kim Knox keeps us guessing in this fast paced thriller. From great eroticism to edge of our seat suspense, she makes the pages fly by. Nathan is pure nastiness wrapped in a good looking man. Matt isn’t quite as easy to figure out. If he good or just another version of evil? Aila proves to be more than either of them bargained for. The girl’s introspection often brings a smile. One normal human being mixed up with some very unusual men. Or is she? Ms. Knox keeps us glued to the pages as the action unfolds in and out of the bedroom.

Reviews for Warflesh and Satin Spar

Some very nice reviews 😀   JERR’s Warflesh  review makes me want to read it! lol

Title: Warflesh
Author: Kim Knox
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Reviewer: Jennifer Leigh
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Heat Level: O

Fina Brodie has been genetically engineered by her government to serve a specific purpose – to give the ultimate pleasure.  She is sent in when her special brand of “negotiation” is required to complete treaties.  The Emperor has sent her to Kian, Lord of the Tir, for a public sex ceremony to facilitate securing access to spice-water, an incredible aphrodisiac.  She is horrified to learn that her escort for this mission is the one man she has always loved but could never have, Jonathon Raegh.  Unbeknownst to Fina, he is meant to participate in the ritual with her.  What secret plans do the people of Tir hold for Fina and Jon?

Let me start by telling you to just go ahead and get the fire extinguisher and a bucket of ice before you start reading.  Trust me – you’re going to need it!  The heat from Fina and Jon is there right from ground zero and it quickly builds into an inferno.  As interesting as Fina’s story is, Jon is the one I really got caught up in.  Right away he hits you with his smoldering passion and you can’t help but wish it was directed towards you.  Jon is a man full of passion.  Combine that with a woman made for sex and throw in a heap of unrequited love and you’ve got quite a conflagration.  It’s not just sexual hunger that exists between the two, but magnetism stemming from a lifetime of love and desire for each other.  Finally, thanks to this mission, their long-denied attraction is no longer forbidden.  The sex was incredible.  Thanks to the effects of spice-water, the foreplay starts just a few pages in and it doesn’t take long before the passion and buildup between Fina and Jon explodes.  Once they get to the ceremony it just gets hotter with an unbelievable ménage scene.  This story ishot, hot, hot!!!, yet you still get your HEA. This is what sci-fi erotic romance should be.

And Satin Spar reviewed by Long and Short Reviews

Satin Spar by Kim Knox
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short (64 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Fern

A prehensile tail has its advantages…

Scar’s marbled skin and stunted tail aren’t all that make her stand out. Her Caraniae DNA has a strange effect on the male of the species, which makes her career as a pilot perfect. The less interaction she has with people—with men—the better. She won’t risk her wayward pheromones bonding her forever to one man.

Then there’s her boss’s new bodyguard, Anthony Tyler. The pure-human is tight-lipped about his sketchy past. He also seems determined to work her prehensile tail off.

Once imprisoned and drummed out of the Corps for conduct unbecoming, Tyler is intrigued with his ship’s unheard-of, human-Caraniae hybrid. He spent his career fighting her kind, but when a message from home throws Scar into a tailspin, he finds himself drawn to help her in any way he can. Even if it means risking life and limb to help her sweat out her anger.

Their sparring session turns into something else. Something wildly sexual. Something so wrong as to be suicidal—if Scar’s father discovers she’s bonded with anyone other than the husband he’s forcing her to marry…

Satin Spar is a racy sci-fi lover’s delight that engages the reader and stimulates the imagination. Kim Knox has created something wholly unique that is both hot and captivating, ensuring a reader will maintain an interest in the characters, the plot, and keep going to discover what is sure to be an unpredictable conclusion.

I have to confess that I wasn’t sure what to think about Scar initially. She’s not your typical heroine, but rather is a hybrid of races. The fact that she has a stubby tail threw me off from time to time, although I openly confess that it’s an issue others probably won’t even bat an eyelash at. Physical attributes aside, she’s smart, willful, and determined, which are essential characteristics when you want a strong female protagonist.

As for Tyler, well, he’s all human male. Sexy, hot, primal. I couldn’t get enough of him, and couldn’t wait until he caved to his desires and claimed Scar as the female he refuses to share. It was interesting to see a man snared by the “mating” scent for a change, and I loved the new slant Ms. Knox created in bringing two very different people, from two very different worlds, together.

There is plenty of angst and tension along the way for our hero and heroine, and the journey proves to be a thoroughly enjoyable ride. I loved the world, the creatures, the fantastical elements and rituals, and the characters who bring it all together. Fans of sizzling hot sci-fi will devour Satin Spar from beginning to end. The writing is fantastic, the concept is original, and the chemistry between Scar and Tyler will leave you breathless.

Enthusiasts of the fantasy genre, take note, and be sure to put Satin Spar on your TBR list. You get the heat, you get the passion, and the result is a very memorable, and entertaining, story.

Great review for Lost Gods *grin*

I was in the edits weird place where I start to wonder if my writing sucks, lol, when my CP found this review for LOST GODS in the JERR newsletter:

Reviewer: Francesca Hayne
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat level: O

(Here’s a snippet)

Wow. Lost Gods is jammed packed with action, mystery, and definitely passion. I loved that I didn’t know who Katya was, until the very last minute, and that goes doubly for James. One minute I thought I had James down and the next he threw me for a loop. The uncertainty was exciting. The revelations were so well done that I never guessed at the truth of just who James was. This kept me on my toes and turning pages just to find the truth. The passion between Katya and James goes along well with the plot. There are no unexpected sex scenes or misplaced carnality. Overall, I recommend Lost Gods as a fast paced, science fiction thriller that kept my interest while allowing the romance and sexual tension to remain infused in the plot. This one’s a keeper.

How cool is that?