Great review for Lost Gods *grin*

I was in the edits weird place where I start to wonder if my writing sucks, lol, when my CP found this review for LOST GODS in the JERR newsletter:

Reviewer: Francesca Hayne
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat level: O

(Here’s a snippet)

Wow. Lost Gods is jammed packed with action, mystery, and definitely passion. I loved that I didn’t know who Katya was, until the very last minute, and that goes doubly for James. One minute I thought I had James down and the next he threw me for a loop. The uncertainty was exciting. The revelations were so well done that I never guessed at the truth of just who James was. This kept me on my toes and turning pages just to find the truth. The passion between Katya and James goes along well with the plot. There are no unexpected sex scenes or misplaced carnality. Overall, I recommend Lost Gods as a fast paced, science fiction thriller that kept my interest while allowing the romance and sexual tension to remain infused in the plot. This one’s a keeper.

How cool is that?

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