Great first review for Shapes in the Blood!

Dee Dailey at The Romance Studio gave Shapes in the Blood, my paranormal futuristic fantasy from Loose Id, 5 Hearts!

Aila Parry feels like she should have known Nathan Ahern was too good to be true. Four hours late, he shows up for their date and manages to convince her to go out with him. Things get out of hand when he literally begins to change before her eyes and she has to run for her life. Is Matt Kinnon her rescuer or just another version of Nathan?

Kim Knox keeps us guessing in this fast paced thriller. From great eroticism to edge of our seat suspense, she makes the pages fly by. Nathan is pure nastiness wrapped in a good looking man. Matt isn’t quite as easy to figure out. If he good or just another version of evil? Aila proves to be more than either of them bargained for. The girl’s introspection often brings a smile. One normal human being mixed up with some very unusual men. Or is she? Ms. Knox keeps us glued to the pages as the action unfolds in and out of the bedroom.