Don’t make me angry…you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…

Yep, more gamma radiation today. Didn’t do the full hulk mode, but I was ready to explode as they gave me a diuretic before I had to have the scan. I was absolutely desperate to go right in the middle of being zapped.

The first question the radiographer asked me:

“So, have you had a kidney removed?”

Not the most sensitive question to ask, though it was understandable as only one kidney had started to glow on the monitor. I have no idea yet whether they will save the kidney or I become One-Kidney Kim in the near future. I have to wait for the results and a clinic appointment, but I will phone the GP to chivvy them along a bit. *grin*

I am also a rather used and sore pin cushion. I’m surprised there’s any blood left running about in my body…though the third needle in the same vein almost had me passing out.

Me + Needles + Blood= Unconscious Kim.

Well, back to writing and trying to ignore Wow Wow Wubzy *ugh*

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