Brava Novella Contest opens to voting and other catch up news! *grin*

A week without a blog post. How bad am I? And how long does a week feel? lol

So news, news, news!

Well, the Brava Novella Contest has opened to voting.

My entry is No 142 Dark Host by Kim Knox. You can go here:

to vote for me! hehe

Seriously, you get the chance to vote for up to three of your fav entries. As a guest, you can read the 20 finalists but you have to sign up (its free and painless…honest) to vote.

In other writing news, I sold Weaving Words to Samhain. *grin*, I have the first edits for The Honourable Lady and the print copies of Past Lies came yesterday. I pulled in my nerve and ran over to the library with a copy of it and a copy of Buying Mackenzie’s Baby. The librarian seemed very happy to take them *grin*

And other things. We have topsoil in the garden and yesterday I saved a frog from a magpie, lol

Who woulda thunk it?

I plugged in my writing numbers… and I’m about 300 words up from the same time last week.

I’m a bit stunned.  Getting the words out this week has been a struggle, though looking back over last week’s posts I had a bugger of time  early last week too, LOL  It could be I had to get back into new stories both Mondays.  Or it could just be that I hate Mondays?  Anyway, yesterday I got about 900 words written.  I’m into the last chapter of  Weaving Words so hopefully the first draft will be done and I’ll be able to post my Colonel Reward Icon *grin*

And there’s only one more day of half-term left to suffer go, so soon the hobbits will be back at school/nursery.  They’re going slightly stir crazy, LOL  So we’re finally getting the garden sorted.  Soon we might have grass instead of a concrete hole and the hobbits (who have far too much energy) will be able to tear about outside rather than pound through the house.  Joy.

I’ll post pics of the nightmare that is my yard when I next upload the camera.