Brava phonecall

I got a phone call from Kate Duffy *grin*

I’m not sure I was very coherent, at all.  Then technology conspired against me and I got cut off, lol

Anyway, what I can remember and now that I’ve stopped shaking so I can type, is that I was her second choice. (Congrats to Eve Powers for being the Editor’s Choice, btw)  I handled first person well and I seem to remember something about the world building and the spaceship.  She asked to see more stuff and I said Dark Host was already in New York (hopefully).  Her assistant will dig it out.

I’ll have to follow up with an email tomorrow to confirm exactly what I should do.  My mind had too much adrenalin and not even coherent thought rushing through it, lol

Brava Novella Contest opens to voting and other catch up news! *grin*

A week without a blog post. How bad am I? And how long does a week feel? lol

So news, news, news!

Well, the Brava Novella Contest has opened to voting.

My entry is No 142 Dark Host by Kim Knox. You can go here:

to vote for me! hehe

Seriously, you get the chance to vote for up to three of your fav entries. As a guest, you can read the 20 finalists but you have to sign up (its free and painless…honest) to vote.

In other writing news, I sold Weaving Words to Samhain. *grin*, I have the first edits for The Honourable Lady and the print copies of Past Lies came yesterday. I pulled in my nerve and ran over to the library with a copy of it and a copy of Buying Mackenzie’s Baby. The librarian seemed very happy to take them *grin*

And other things. We have topsoil in the garden and yesterday I saved a frog from a magpie, lol