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This is a rather naughty snippet from my release last week – Demonic Attraction It’s EC Exotika – I still can’t quite believe I wrote one of them, hehe.  This story is m/f/m with a HEA 🙂

Excerpt Monday


Anya Sigurdson is counting down the days. Alone, working on an array orbiting a distant moon, the isolation is seriously cramping her access to sex. Until her remaining thirteen days are up, her own fingers will have to do—or so she thinks.

The Damianos have other plans. Coming from a race of pure energy, the Damianos seeks pleasure in flesh and have an unusual talent. They can fracture into as many lovers as Anya needs. She is a joy, a rare find, and they intend to enjoy her, love her every chance and every way they can. But to keep her they need something else, an anchor, another body to fix them in her dimension.
And a prime candidate is on his way.

Excerpt – NC17
(c) 2019 Kim Knox
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Anya drew the oxygen-rich air deep into her lungs and let out a slow sigh. The first chamber, a large domed room deep in the interior of the platform, burst with plant life, the golden light of a new morning creeping over the curved blue ceiling. She ran her fingers over the soft leaves of the nearest plant. Small buds promised flowers in a few short days.

She focused and pushed through the first row of dense planting to the monitoring equipment buried in the wall. She palmed the plate, waiting for it to slide back. The soft hum of the revealed tech mixed with the rustle of vegetation and the whirr of insect life. Her practiced eye scanned the pulsing organic instrumentation. “Working well today,” she murmured, pressing to move the plate back into place with a familiar hiss and clunk.
Her body jerked forward, thumping into the wall, and a half cry escaped her. A hard torso pressed against her back and a boot kicked her legs apart.

“Wearing flesh. It’s been a while.” The soft voice sounded like Thain Alder…but underneath, Anya knew that hint of a growl and then she tasted it, the bitter burn of coal.

She twisted her head to look behind her and the physicist grinned at her, something confident, possessive and not like the man she’d left behind in the refectory. Well, not until that scorching final stare… “Damianos?”

“You wanted us to take you in front of them.”

Heat scalded her cheeks. Yes, only Damianos would know that embarrassing thought. “I did not.”

His hands slid over her breasts and pulled at the tabs securing her uniform. He slipped teasing fingers inside to circle her nipple.

Anya’s forehead pressed against the smoothness of the wall, needing to deny the low pulse in her belly. “You can’t do this. Just…wear…someone else.” She moaned, but didn’t fight him as he pulled the uniform over her shoulders, exposing her to the warm, damp air. “Is he…there…?”

“No.” Warm lips pressed to her shoulder and he drew in a heavy breath.

“You’re ours, not his.” The words tightened her pussy and she swallowed. Open-mouthed kisses chased over her skin and Anya wanted more, wanted them to fuck her again.

“This is insane,” she murmured as Damianos used his borrowed hands to strip the rest of her uniform from her body. Fingers teased over her ribs, up to her shoulders until he gripped her arms, urging them up. His fingers ran over her skin until his hands flattened hers to the wall above her head.

“Completely insane.”

There was the soft click of opening buttons. His heavy cock nudged against her ass, and Anya drew in a sharp breath. “Do you want us to stop?” he asked

“Now you’re the crazy one.”

His laughter brushed hot against her neck, the smooth nap of his service suit soft against her bare skin. A slow hand slid over her hip, exploring, playing until his index finger dipped and teased her clitoris. She gasped and it pushed further. Anya felt Thain’s smile against her skin. “You’re so wet for us, so ready.” His other hand slipped though the cleft of her ass and the press of his smooth cock, pushing hot against her pussy, had a hollow, needy ache coiling tight.

Thain groaned, Damianos’ growl underlying it as he slid deep into her pussy, filling her. His free hand found her breast, cupping, tweaking an aching nipple, making her push back against him as the need for him to move rioted through her.

“Damianos…” Their name was almost a moan. And then he pulled back, and pushed hard into her, grunting at the effort. Her fingers curled tight against the smooth wall. She wanted nothing more than to feel them, feel all of them in the warm, damp air of the sealed chamber where she could scream her release and no one would—

“Thain, what the hell are you doing?”

Croft’s sudden barked question froze her, but not the pounding of Thain’s hips, the tight pinch of his fingers over her nipple, nor the fingertip that rasped against her clitoris. He had to stop but… The knowledge that Croft watched seared fire through her flesh. Damianos growled against her skin, the hard slap of his hips against her ass, his defiance had her hot and there, just…

Orgasm smashed into her. Anya bit at her lip to stop the scream that wanted to tear from her throat. Her head dropped and she crushed her eyes shut against the sudden wave of embarrassment. Now she had to face the fallout of being found naked with a man she’d only known for half an hour.

“Turn her.”

Anya’s stomach dropped. That didn’t sound like… Thain pulled free of her body and with his hands steady on her hips, guided her trembling body to face the pilot.

Nathan Croft gave her a hard grin that matched the one she’d seen on Thain’s face. His gaze slid over her nakedness and she didn’t miss the excited gleam. “Did you enjoy the idea of being caught, Anya?”

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