Talking to myself

At the minute, I have the luxury of the house to myself for about six hours during the week whilst the monsters are in school. As I potter about – yes, I am mobile without pain at the minute, yay – I talk over my latest wip to myself.

I realised as I sorted through my make-up bag this morning why I was having trouble with Ramius and Chance. So, I had a chat to myself about it. I don’t think I’m alone in doing this. Other writers do it. I hope…? *gulp*

Something about hearing, feeling the words makes the problem somehow more solvable. I realised why I wanted to head hop between the two characters. They were at a state of realisation. Both of them had to admit to themselves – but not each other, no way! lol – how they felt. They both needed to acknowledge this before I could move them into the final section of the story, where their feelings would get them into a whole heap of trouble! *grin*

So now I know what I have to layer in when I rewrite this couple of thousand words and what to take forward.

Sometimes it’s good to talk…to myself, hehe

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