Six Sentence Sunday: Synthetic Dreams

I meant to do this earlier in the week…and didn’t. See me? So completely organised! But I made it in the nick of time 😀

This week’s six is a snippet of a book that’s coming out tomorrow, Synthetic Dreams. Enjoy!

His breath burned against her skin. “Liam was replaced. Seven years ago.”

“And you’re here now?”

His hands flexed around her arms, his body tense. “Don’t taunt the man who’s keeping you alive.”

As always you can find more sixes here

Vynessa Somerton was just a girl when she learned about true evil. An encounter with the tyrannical Corporation scarred her body and exiled her to the crime-ridden S-District. Now an adult, Vyn creates glamours, worn by those who visit a virtual playground to live synthetic dreams. She’s tried to stay unnoticed by the Corporation, but her latest invention has brought their agents to her door.

Paul Cross works for the Corporation, but he’s been plotting their downfall since they took his brother and replaced him with an imposter. Paul has a plan to get his brother back, but he’s going to need Vyn and her invention to carry it out.

Vyn agrees to help Paul, but their alliance shatters the barriers she’s put up to protect herself, tempting her to give in to desire. Just as Vyn starts to trust Paul and believe he wants her, scars and all, the Corporation prepares for its final move. Can Vyn trust Paul completely, or has he been using her all along?

Carina Press || Amazon US || Amazon UK || Amazon DE || ARe || B&N

Sales to Cleis Press and Carina Press! *squee*

Busy start to the year!

First, I can say that my short story, AT THE SORCERER’S COMMAND will appear in Cleis Press’s THRONES OF DESIRE: EROTIC TALES OF SWORD, MIST AND FIRE, edited by Mitzi Szereto. The pre-order link is up now 😀

Here’s my blurb:

Miar is her people’s only hope to defeat the sorcerer who has besieged her home.  She has an unusual talent. She’s a soul-catcher, able to twist any soul to her will. And Varun, the man who must guard her, is willing to use her and her gift anyway he can.

And the anthology blurb:

Thrones of Desire: Erotic Tales of Swords, Mist and Fire is a place where lust and legend abound, and adventure, passion and danger entwine. Think mystical lands and creatures, kings and queens, knights and renegades, heroes and villains, warlords, maidens and princesses. Think battles and danger, honour and dishonour, good and evil. Most of all, think hearts filled with passion and secret desire.

This is a place where romantic chivalry is alive and well, but so too is romantic wickedness. This is a place where the good do not always win, and the bad are often more captivating and desirable than their altruistic counterparts.

In these lush and timeless landscapes, the battle for flesh can be as important as the battle for power. Intrigue, sorcery, revenge, lawlessness, dark secrets and mysterious elixirs; entanglements with supernatural beings – everything is possible in these magical mythical landscapes.

I’ve also sold my dark fantasy , erotic romance novel, ONCE A THIEF to Carina Press. It’s set for release in the autumn. Here’s the unofficial blurb:

Ava Kalle is a thief. Her empty soul devours magic, but she’s sharp, quick and can live in shadow. She’s the perfect spy.

When the man she loves takes another woman, the darkness at Ava’s heart unravels. Her attempt to stop the relationship drives her to do the unthinkable.  She makes a deal with the elemental, Captain Nahum Heyerdar. It’s a pact that pushes them into tasting forbidden magic, spinning them both into a dark and dangerous sexual obsession.

When Devourers break through the protecting wards of the city and start to kill and eat the emperor’s subjects, Ava’s tangled life becomes more twisted.  Her past and the dark heart of what she is, pushes into the light.

There are monsters in the city. And one of them is her.

Cover Love: Bitter Harvest

Isn’t it nice? Here’s the unofficial blurb:

It’s 2050, and humans are an endangered species. Lieutenant Robert Sutton has survived the collapse of civilization by luck, his wits, and a chance mutation that makes him immune to the nano-virus that has wiped out millions. Now, his compound of survivors is surrounded by the infected, who are driven by the need to spread the contagion through sex. It’s only a matter of time before they attack. So when Sutton is assigned to interrogate a prisoner who claims to have overcome the infection, he immediately suspects a trap…

Nicholas Rider may have survived the virus, but he’s a changed man, ruled by his desires. But his need for Sutton is different. Rider craves an end to his overwhelming needs, and Sutton could be the man to do it.

Secure in his belief that he’s invulnerable, Sutton can’t understand or resist his intense attraction to his prisoner. Will Rider be his downfall—or his saviour?

BITTER HARVEST is out 19 March from Carina Press.

Want Han Solo wrapped in gold? Yes? Then step this way…

Yes, I’m giving away a copy of GAMBIT on Lex Valentine’s 30 Days of Christmas.  Lex is also giving away a paranormal title from her back list.

Captain Chae Beyon is a hustler, a mercenary pilot, a wounded woman who prefers her men to be easily thrown aside.

Daned Traern is a first-caste Ladaian bound by tradition and DNA to protect his race. He’s willing to align himself with the hot space captain if she’ll transport him home in time to ensure the right candidate is crowned—and thus prevent a bloody war.

Disguised as Chae’s sex toy, Daned is erotically bound to her through living gold, alien tech designed to increase pleasure. When he frees himself, their passion only increases…but succumbing to temptation will bind them together—permanently.

But there’s more at stake than their needs. As Chae is dragged into a world of insane princes and sentient stones, hired killers hound them across the quadrant.

And then, as only her lousy luck would have it, Chae must choose between the good of the galaxy and her own heart…

Oh and the Han Solo reference comes from the idea that spawned this book.  I was watching Return of the Jedi, with Leia in her little gold slave bikini and was thinking how much better Han Solo would look wrapped up in gold. With a leash… And Daned Traern was born 🙂

And there’s more free stuff!

Back in October, my story, RED IN TOOTH AND CLAW made it into the Just One Bite contest.  All the entries are available now as free read anthologies.

The above little story is in this anthology:

Contributing authors:

By: Kim Knox | Shermaine Williams |  Lauren Hawkeye | Elaine Lowe | Barbara Elsborg |Rosalie Stanton | Raven Corinn Carluk |  Jocelyn Michel | Randi Alexander

You can find the other books here.

Here’s a snippet from RED IN TOOTH AND CLAW:

“Red suits you.”

His voice was little more than a growl and it warmed my skin, fluttering excitement deep into my belly. Shadows surrounded the high backed chair in which he sat. Flickers of light from the fireplace caught his sharp profile, shifting, lighting the burn of his silver eyes. My mark wasn’t quite human, I was sure of it. The remote hall, the obvious wealth, the secrecy. He had to be one of the rare preternaturals.

“Thank you.” I didn’t know what else to say. My being in the hall, in this starkly empty room with him was…hazy. The reason was important, I felt it down to the bone and something about that made me glance at the red silk of my cape. It was the only thing I wore. I frowned. I didn’t remember driving up to the hall, slipping out of my street clothes, changing… Heat from the fire warmed the silk, distracting me and the material brushed against my bared legs like the kiss of a lover.

I forced a smile to twitch across my mouth and lifted the thick sheaf of paper in my hand. The splotch of a broken seal gleamed along its edges. Not that I remembered snapping the seal open. I glanced at the heavy copperplate lettering that simply stated my name, a time and that day’s date. “The…agency hasn’t given me your name.”



“My last name isn’t important.” He sat forward and firelight licked his features.

My chest tightened and I stared. I hadn’t expected him to be quite so…beautiful—all hard male planes and those silver-edged eyes that burned into me. His black shirt clung to his chest, his muscled arms, bare, browned and dusted with hair. Strong hands flexed. A dark ring gleamed on his right hand.

“So…” I took a step towards him, my bare feet soundless in the deep pile of the rug. I wet my lips. “What do you expect of me?”

His gaze drifted down over the length of my body and made me too aware of the brushing silk of my long cape. “I expect to fuck you.”

Hump Day News: Cover love

I can finally reveal my cover for SYNTHETIC DREAMS:

Isn’t it pretty? It’s a creation of the wonderful Frauke at CrocoDesigns.  She also created GAMBIT (another cover that I love)

Here’s the unofficial blurb (The novella is due out 27 February, so the cover copy is still being polished 🙂 )

With no past to turn to and no hope for the future, Vyn Somerton does what she always has: she survives on her skills, hidden away from the prying eyes of the Corporation. Until now.

Vyn has created the ultimate in illegal gear, simulacrum, the perfect virtual lie.  It’s untraceable, untouchable, and until recently, impossible to create. She has plans to make herself rich beyond her wildest dreams…that is, until the Corporation turns her life upside down.  Again.

Paul Cross is a part of that upheaval.  Catalyst.  Corporate Mercenary.  Incredible and forbidden. He’s been watching Vyn, knowing that she’s the key to finding and rescuing his brother, a brother the Corporation he works for has replaced with a stranger. She’s a means to an end.  But watching her, moving though her life, he finds his thoughts becoming unexpectedly…carnal.

With their enemies closing in, Vyn’s life is in chaos.  Can she trust Paul or is he the key to the destruction of all her worlds?

In wip, news, FURY has crawled kicking and screaming over 44k. It’s feeling like the endless wip…always 20k before it’s done. I also got whapped by another bunny–paranormal romance this time. I wish they were still little bunnies. This one is another series (Me? Series??).  Evil things.