Brava phonecall

I got a phone call from Kate Duffy *grin*

I’m not sure I was very coherent, at all.  Then technology conspired against me and I got cut off, lol

Anyway, what I can remember and now that I’ve stopped shaking so I can type, is that I was her second choice. (Congrats to Eve Powers for being the Editor’s Choice, btw)  I handled first person well and I seem to remember something about the world building and the spaceship.  She asked to see more stuff and I said Dark Host was already in New York (hopefully).  Her assistant will dig it out.

I’ll have to follow up with an email tomorrow to confirm exactly what I should do.  My mind had too much adrenalin and not even coherent thought rushing through it, lol

6 thoughts on “Brava phonecall

  1. Sian

    OMG Kim CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is so exciting! The excerpt you had on there was immensely strong and I’m really glad she liked it. I’m crossing all my fingers and toes for you, this is really so fantastic.

    Oh and Weaving Words sounds awesome, you know I’ll be buying it 😉

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