Brava finalist!

Yes, you read that right. That’s me. I’ve drifted off into another dimension again. Maybe writing Fracture has helped, lol

Dark Host by Kim Knox is the entry. You can look at it on this forum

I’m off to get my finalist and vote for me flashy icon.

Nope, it’s still not real and I’ve lived with the information for 9 hours now…

8 thoughts on “Brava finalist!

  1. Sian

    Ohhh fingers crossed for you then. What a great Christmas present that would be! And I hope your kidney investigation goes well. Take it easy, if you can!

  2. Lol, thanks Dawn and Sian. *grin*

    10 entries are up. There’re another 10 to go, and then everyone gets to vote on the ones they like best. That’s the Reader’s Choice winner. The Brava editor, Kate Duffy, also has the 20 entries. She’ll pick her winner. There’s a possibility she may ask for the full…though Dark Host should already be there as I posted it a month ago, lol

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