Six Sentence Sunday: Fury – part 5

So my good news from last week was the fact that I sold Bitter Harvest, my m/m post-apoc romance to Carina Press.  It’s due out in March 2012. 😀

 If you want to read snippets of it, it first appeared as part of Six Sunday.  There’re are about 5 parts of it, I think.

Anyway, here’s my next 6 from Fury 🙂  I’m half way through Fusion and Frequency is mostly planned, so I should be back to this wip soon. Can’t wait 😀

She wanted skin and flesh, the slide of his against her own.  To bite him.  Fuck, to devour him.

Heyerdar broke their kiss, but buried his face against her neck, his teeth grazing her.  Breaking the skin. “You shouldn’t feel so fucking good.”

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