Sale! BITTER HARVEST to Carina Press

I was minding my own business in one day when I was hustled by CM Torrens and Marguerite Labbe.  They forced a plot bunny on me…and Bitter Harvest — a m/m post apocalyptic romance — was born.  The story was way out of my comfort zone. I’d never written m/m before, but these two men, Rider and Sutton, refused to be anyone other than who they are.  They gave me a hell of a ride…lol

Carina Press has contracted Bitter Harvest and it should be out early 2012.  Here’s the unofficial blurb.

Lieutenant Robert Sutton has survived by luck, his wits and a chance mutation. The pheromones of the infected—how they first pull in their victims—has no effect on him.  Or so he thinks.  He’s survived on the emptied streets of London for years, but now the infected are closing in.  They will have the last humans for themselves.

For Sutton, and the people he cares for, time has run out.

So the capture of Nicholas Rider is too convenient.  A man who’s survived the nano-virus that’s almost destroyed the planet, a man whose striking sexuality wraps around Sutton.  He’s a trap.  He can’t be trusted.

Yet Sutton can’t resist him and it could mean the end of his world.

7 thoughts on “Sale! BITTER HARVEST to Carina Press

  1. cmtorrens


    And strangely I still feel no shame. 😉

    Spread … spread evil m/m bunnies. Be free and multiply! Infect the masses… oh wait, did I say that aloud?

  2. cmtorrens

    LOL! If you’re trying to shame me, it ain’t working. If it leads to more m/m from you, I’ll poke and prod again. *snickers*

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