Six Sentence Sunday: Fury – part four…and a little extra

I was good and finished Current and subbed it 😀  Now I’m about 3.5k into Fusion. So today’s Six Sunday is a bit of a double whammy.  Six lines from Fury and a just a little bit more than six from Current.  Enjoy.

First, Fury:


“Your clothes.”


“I’m the left hand of the emperor.”  A twist of a smile touched Heyerdar’s mouth.  “You obey me as you do the right hand.”

And a snippet from Current:

He growled and his fingers tightened at her wrists, pressed deep into her sex so that her body arched back against his.  “You think this is a fucking joke?”  His teeth found the curve where her neck met her shoulder.  Pained-pleasure lanced and Syato bit back a cry.  “Feel like a joke now?”

Dark spots danced across her vision and she fought to breathe.  What was he doing?  “No.  No it doesn’t.”

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