Six Sentence Sunday: Fury ~ part 3

The week was split between Fury and Current. I’m still writing Current now. If I get though it, Fusion and Frequency, then yes, Hailey Edwards, I can get back to writing Heyerdar. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  I do have 27k to pick from for 6 Sunday though.

Oh and I also got good news in the middle of the week. But I can’t share it yet…

A thin smile touched Heyerdar’s mouth. โ€œMy power comes from the heart of the earth. Remember that.โ€ He leaned forward his mouth so close to hers she tasted his sweet breath and couldnโ€™t stop the quick hitch in her chest. His voice was just above a raw whisper. โ€œNever offer me anything youโ€™re not willing to lose.โ€

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  2. Monica Enderle Pierce

    Oh yeah. That’s my kinda character! And love how you’ve shown his closeness and her physical reaction. Terrific six!

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