Six Sentence Sunday: Fury ~ part 3

The week was split between Fury and Current. I’m still writing Current now. If I get though it, Fusion and Frequency, then yes, Hailey Edwards, I can get back to writing Heyerdar. πŸ˜‰Β  I do have 27k to pick from for 6 Sunday though.

Oh and I also got good news in the middle of the week. But I can’t share it yet…

A thin smile touched Heyerdar’s mouth. β€œMy power comes from the heart of the earth. Remember that.” He leaned forward his mouth so close to hers she tasted his sweet breath and couldn’t stop the quick hitch in her chest. His voice was just above a raw whisper. β€œNever offer me anything you’re not willing to lose.”

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  2. Monica Enderle Pierce

    Oh yeah. That’s my kinda character! And love how you’ve shown his closeness and her physical reaction. Terrific six!

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