Six Sentence Sunday: Fury – part 2

Fury went to a very dark place this week.  I’m not sharing that yet, if at all…so here’s something from early on with Ava and Heyerdar 🙂

Heyerdar’s hands tightened on her hips, his fingers digging into her flesh hard enough to bruise. His eyes had grown dark.  “And for this…?”

“A kiss.”

A smile lifted his mouth, wry and wicked. “So little.”

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34 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Fury – part 2

  1. Ugh. If you happen to visit my blog, don’t follow my last post. Follow this one. I was logged into a different account. I’d delete my last post, but I’m afraid I don’t see a button to. My sincerest apologies. 😦

    I still love this six. Very intriguing and it makes me want to read so much more!!

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