A good Sven-day

Yesterday I got over 1000 words written on Weaving Words which was very unexpected and very nice.  That was the limit on that story for the day though, LOL  I couldn’t squeeze anything more out, so I tried one of the short stories I need to finish and managed a whopping 44 words *grin*

I made a bunch of new Colonel icons to spur me on and then I started to flag.

Finally, I succumbed and read through Satin Spar.  It was better than I remembered, amazing what even a few days of leaving it alone will do, and it only a few of the loose ends needed tying up.  So… I did that.  Then I wrote a scarily easy synopsis and blurb… then oops, I subbed it.

Satin Spar is the first erotic romance I’ve written and I have my nails bitten down to the elbow.

Now I intend not thinking about it, at all, LOL

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