A Sven-day off

I had post-going-out sniffles yesterday and I’ve still got them today. So… writing wise, I didn’t get much done. I did plot out a bit more of the ending of Weaving Words. I’m still trying to get my head around how the climax is going to play out. It’s still a bit of a jumble, but I think I almost have it.

I went to bed early to read and got annoyed instead. I hate it when characters have very convenient abilities just at the right time and you as the reader had no clue of this before hand.

‘I’m just this completely ordinary, but plucky woman, who can, oooh look, handle a sword like a pro and can drive like a bank robber’s get-away-man. Didn’t I give you a hint of my convenient hobbies/skills before? No? Really? Ah, well.’


Anyway this morning, I sat down and splurged words and scrabbled out just over 750 words. Which is very nice.