I made it!

I wrote the minimum goal for Sven yesterday.

At the start, I didn’t think I’d get anything written and at 9pm last night I was still only about a 100 words in.  I thought about closing the laptop, vegging, shouting a bit more at CSI: Miami, reading a book, but I didn’t, I plugged on.  Just before midnight I got to 770 words.

I’m glad I did now, even though the words are probably crap and I’ll have to change/cut them anyway.  I pushed myself – which is not like me – and actually got to my goal – which is not like me either, LOL.  So hopefully I’m instilling some good routines through Sweat70 that I’ll retain Post Sven.  Fingers crossed.

4 thoughts on “I made it!

  1. Hi Kim,
    Just dropping in from Sven to say congrats on the words. Keep up the good work! Like you, I’ve found myself pushing harder and writing more. Hopefully this is not just a 70-day wonder! 🙂

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