New Cover : Skin Magic

Skin Magic

I finally used some of my Daz and Photoshop stuff to recover a short story.

Skin Magic

As a new emperor ascends the throne, the city of the Rhodoi is about to run with blood.

Larissa has to escape. Her only way out is to accept a bargain made with Xander, a beautiful stranger who practises the mysterious spirit magic of the Sardisians.

She knows the deal could cost her a piece of her soul, but the magician’s spirits want something else. Something she never expected. They want her body, her untouched flesh.

For Xander’s own pleasure.

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Let’s Do Lunch!

research books

I will preface this post by admitting that I cannot cook. Not even a little bit…but sometimes, well, my characters have to eat, and prepare food and my lack of any clue gets in the way.

So, as you can probably guess, I dig into books.

And I absolutely love historical cookbooks.

I’ve hunted out the ones I have–I think. There could be more lurking on my shelves that I’ve completely forgotten about <–this happens a lot more often that I would like, but is a nice surprise when an ‘I had no idea I bought this!‘ book is found.

The following books all have recipes, as well as what could constitute a typical meal and often the mechanics of cooking and the technology used. For giving a setting the right feel, especially for fantasy–through taste and texture and especially scent–I’ve found books such as these invaluable.

They also give a remember that food is seasonal–a fact I often forget even with something as simple as milk.


Kim Knox – Romance with a brew of sex, magic darkness and technology…


The great re-release begins!

So falling into the General Election with much panic and flailing, I tried to distract myself with covers and edits and updates to the twenty seven (27!!) short stories, novellas and novels returned to me from Ellora’s Cave and Samhain Publishing.

I have these three edited–Ruthless Beauty got a good chunk added–and they’re out now.

New re-releases

Emergence Universal link || Amazon

Ruthless Beauty Universal link || Amazon

Reiver Universal link || Amazon

You can read excerpts here: Emergence, Ruthless Beauty and Reiver

I’m working on the Planetary Passions books now. Hopefully they’ll start to appear over the weekend. 😀

Dark Immortality

I know, I know, I’ve been away…a long time. But I’ve made a deal with myself to blog at least fortnightly. So…here I am.

Currently, I’m ripping through edits and making covers for my returned books from Ellora’s Cave and Samhain. As are quite a few of us, I suspect. One plus–for me, anyway–is I can reinstate any British spellings I like.




Oh, happy sigh. *grin*

Anyway, here’s a novella that was in a little boxset last year. A bit gory and often smutty, I had this story knocking around in my head for the longest time, before I found a reason to finish it. And to know the ending. So important that bit…

The depths of spaceAnother day. Another delicious shot of mayhem and blood…

Captain Andros has many titles. Pirate. Vampire. All-round bastard.

What he doesn’t have is a past. His has been stolen, suppressed through the power of the vampiric metal known as leech. But, with his latest conquest, all that is about to change.

Madelen Ariel is destined to be the living heart of a great warship. When Andros takes her ship, kills her crew and claims her as captain’s privilege, he robs her of everything. And makes her his.

Andros doesn’t share and his crew loathes him for it. They see in his obsession with Madelen the best chance to take his ship.

And even as his past smashes back into him, his rebelling crew is about to find out just how much of a bastard Andros really is…

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“You’re booty.”

Her short laugh raked the air. “Booty?” She paused and he watched the myriad of light and dark points shift around her face. He needed to learn her language. Her mouth thinned. “You are one of those bio-enhanced hijackers.”

“We prefer the name vampire and pirate.”

“Both archaic.”“She pressed her hands to his chest and pushed. Andros let a smile curve his mouth. Didn’t she realise her effort only fed him? Her energy flowed in an exquisite slide into his waiting flesh and his fingers teased the thin fabric of her suit, resisting his need to tear it from her body to expose her bare skin. There would be time enough for that in his cabin.

“You’re…innocent. Unshipped. You have no idea what I am.” He stepped back and the leech metal in him almost growled at the loss of her power. Andros ignored the sudden rush of fire and pain biting into his flesh. His hunger would be satisfied soon enough. “Until your masters pay the ransom. You’re mine.”