A rather nice review

It’s been *gulp* five years since Thrones of Desire released, but it’s always nice to get a review. Here’s the mention I get:

Also striking is Kim Knox’ [sic] At the Sorcerer’s Command, a tale of richly-sustained atmosphere and suspense in which a taboo sex act becomes a catalyst for a near-impossible feat of magic.

You can read the full review here

And At the Sorcerer’s Command is now available to buy on its own.
At the Sorcerer's Command

Miar is her people’s only hope to defeat the sorcerer who has besieged her home.
She has an unusual talent. She’s a soul-catcher, able to twist any soul to her will.
And Varun, the man who must guard her, is willing to use her and her gift anyway he can.

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The air reeked of blood and tar, wrapping around me, mixing with the distant flared hiss of fire. I shivered. I should’ve been in my master’s rooms, hunting through ancient scrolls for a defence against the sorcerer, Kiritan. Not here, lost in a sea of tents flapping in cold, night winds. The creak and thwack of the timber-framed mangonels ran ice through my blood. I wasn’t a soldier. Far from it.

Panic whipped my nerves, my heart beating hard. I hadn’t volunteered for this sortie. I was an apprentice, barely that, with the first swell of magic in my blood. But I’d also shown another skill. A skill the Duke’s new paladin, Varun, commandeered as he fought back against the besieging army.

“Keep up, Miar.”

Varun’s low voice cut into my thoughts and he grabbed my arm. His strong fingers bit into muscle, their heat bleeding through the thin sleeve of my shirt. The familiar scent of leather, metal and skin wiped away everything else. He pulled me close and his breath brushed my temple. “You know the drill. Concentrate. Stay close. Try not to be stupid.”

I stiffened. “Then you should’ve left me behind.”

His grin burned, the heat of his mouth taunting me. There was that hint of a growl and it hollowed my legs. “I’m not letting you go, Apprentice Miar.”

His words sank into my belly, shoving aside my fear for a much darker want. I’d lusted after Varun from the minute he’d appeared in the Hall of Magic. Not that I could have him. My untouched body was promised to my master when my studies were complete. Payment for his skill and time.

Varun had only been weeks in the fortress. And I should never have met him. He did not believe in magic.

Kim Knox – Romance with a brew of sex, magic darkness and technology…



Stones, stones…and oh look, more stones

research books
I thought I’d start to share snippets about my research books…because there are quite a lot of them and they are just…<–there.

The Book of Stones
This book, I love. It weighs as much as you think a book about stones would weigh as there are about 550 rock-filled pages.

For a writer of fantasy or paranormal magical stories it’s crammed with useful information. Every one of the roughly 500 minerals listed has an image and its keywords, elements, chakras, a break down of its composition and the opinions of the two authors on its particular qualities.

Knowing this sparks little moments of inspiration, of defining a character, of sharing something that can add extra meaning to a scene. It does for me.

Also, I’ve learnt that people work the green volcanic glass –Gaia stones– from the reheated ash of Mount St Helens. Yes, I’m a complete magpie for stuff like this!

Kim Knox – Romance with a brew of sex, magic darkness and technology…

Hot Books, Hot Prices

It’s time for the that Black Friday feeling!

Black Friday sales Advertising Poster on Blackboard Texture

Fistfuls of books all for .99c

Hot for the Holiday: Black Friday Sale! Nov 24th-28th #hot4holidayBF https://goo.gl/oMnF7q

And Emergence has snuck into this offer…

Life as Jaime Dalton knows it is over.

Come morning, she—the forbidden offspring of a human and a gryphon—will be owned body and soul by the First Dragon. He will control everything about her. What she wears, what she eats, when she sleeps. And with whom.
Determined to have a final fling, she seeks out the comfort of a stranger’s arms. Except he turns out to be…stranger than he first appears.

Kaden Rhodes knows what it’s like to be owned. Before he follows his orders to escort Jaime to the same fate, he can’t resist joining her in one last act of defiance.

Their connection is hot, fast, irresistible…and they’re playing with fire. Discovery will render them useless to the First Dragon.

And the useless end up dead.


The great re-release begins!

So falling into the General Election with much panic and flailing, I tried to distract myself with covers and edits and updates to the twenty seven (27!!) short stories, novellas and novels returned to me from Ellora’s Cave and Samhain Publishing.

I have these three edited–Ruthless Beauty got a good chunk added–and they’re out now.

New re-releases

Emergence Universal link || Amazon

Ruthless Beauty Universal link || Amazon

Reiver Universal link || Amazon

You can read excerpts here: Emergence, Ruthless Beauty and Reiver

I’m working on the Planetary Passions books now. Hopefully they’ll start to appear over the weekend. 😀

Dark Immortality

I know, I know, I’ve been away…a long time. But I’ve made a deal with myself to blog at least fortnightly. So…here I am.

Currently, I’m ripping through edits and making covers for my returned books from Ellora’s Cave and Samhain. As are quite a few of us, I suspect. One plus–for me, anyway–is I can reinstate any British spellings I like.




Oh, happy sigh. *grin*

Anyway, here’s a novella that was in a little boxset last year. A bit gory and often smutty, I had this story knocking around in my head for the longest time, before I found a reason to finish it. And to know the ending. So important that bit…

The depths of spaceAnother day. Another delicious shot of mayhem and blood…

Captain Andros has many titles. Pirate. Vampire. All-round bastard.

What he doesn’t have is a past. His has been stolen, suppressed through the power of the vampiric metal known as leech. But, with his latest conquest, all that is about to change.

Madelen Ariel is destined to be the living heart of a great warship. When Andros takes her ship, kills her crew and claims her as captain’s privilege, he robs her of everything. And makes her his.

Andros doesn’t share and his crew loathes him for it. They see in his obsession with Madelen the best chance to take his ship.

And even as his past smashes back into him, his rebelling crew is about to find out just how much of a bastard Andros really is…

Amazon US || Amazon UK || Universal Book Link


“You’re booty.”

Her short laugh raked the air. “Booty?” She paused and he watched the myriad of light and dark points shift around her face. He needed to learn her language. Her mouth thinned. “You are one of those bio-enhanced hijackers.”

“We prefer the name vampire and pirate.”

“Both archaic.”“She pressed her hands to his chest and pushed. Andros let a smile curve his mouth. Didn’t she realise her effort only fed him? Her energy flowed in an exquisite slide into his waiting flesh and his fingers teased the thin fabric of her suit, resisting his need to tear it from her body to expose her bare skin. There would be time enough for that in his cabin.

“You’re…innocent. Unshipped. You have no idea what I am.” He stepped back and the leech metal in him almost growled at the loss of her power. Andros ignored the sudden rush of fire and pain biting into his flesh. His hunger would be satisfied soon enough. “Until your masters pay the ransom. You’re mine.”

Sh-h-h… Here be monsters

TTMFBAD9I’m so excited! SOMETHING WICKED is in this boxset.

My blurb:

Magus Felix Hurst thought she could run from her duty. Her destiny.

She failed.

In trying to escape her marriage to the half-demon magus, Zacharias Mael, her usual bad luck traps her in a farmhouse infested with a magus’s worst nightmare.

And her hated betrothed.

In the end, there is one only way to escape. Will that price prove too much? For either of them?

Boxset blurb:

Monsters Need Love Too

Check out these amazing monster-themed stories about finding and taming the beast within. Featuring some of today’s hottest Paranormal Romance Authors. Available for a limited time. Get yours now.

In these monster tales, beauties seduce the beasts. The Taming the Monster Box Set satisfies the craving for sexy monsters who go bump in the night. Among other things. Available for a limited time.

Fall for the amazing monsters in the Taming The Monster Box. Featuring some of today’s hottest Paranormal Romance authors, this set is sure to find, and maybe tame, the beast within.

Just in time for Halloween, pick up the Taming the Monster Box Set, and fall in love with monsters of the deep, the dark, and the spooky. Available for a limited time only.

You can pre-order here:


…and I love that graphic! 😀