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Research has dragged me off into divination. Yes, I’m a shiny information magpie. 😀

Divination–the art of getting future information in the present–works, as does other magics, on the idea of synchronicity. Carl Jung called it ‘…an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.’. Synchronicity rejects the idea of coincidence. As in events happening at the same time could reveal something about each other.

In divining, questions have to be precise. Writing them down enables an easier comparison later. And there are numerous ways to seek and find those answers.

Lunar Divination is a simple form. Stare at the moon, pose the question in your mind and keep staring, until the answers and inspiration come.

The I Spy Oracle needs a touch more preparation. It’s a Scottish spell that can only be performed on the first Monday of the month, before sunrise, on an empty stomach and with bare feet.

Walk sunwise–clockwise–around the house, with your eyes shut until you’re back at the entrance again. With your eyes still shut make a circle with your finger and thumb and put it to your eye. Open your eye and the omen is the first thing you see.

Hmm, I could see that one being open to abuse… Yes, I am actively ignoring the plot bunny. 😀

Of course there are a plethora of love oracles. The classic is  “He loves me. He loves  me not.”

My favourite has to be asking your love question from Apple Peel. The skin is cut away in one, long coil. If not complete, start again. When finished, the peel is thrown over the left shoulder without looking.  When it lands, the shape of the peel should offer inspiration to the love question you asked.

And I really like the idea of Tongue Stones. I think it’s the name. It simply brims with possibility… 🙂 These are small meteorites, strange rocks or found artefacts. The stones are sacred and not meant for trivial use.

Finding an answer involves smearing the stone with animal fat at nighttime.  Then bury the stone under a mound of grass and earth. Pee on the little hill and let the tongue stone rest over night. The next morning, dig it up.

If the stone is greasy, whatever you have asked an answer for should be a success. Dry and rough and it won’t succeed.  Reddish marks would show that your plan is dangerous. And if muck and grass stick, then whatever you plan will find success, just not in the way you thought…

I think my heroine will have a tongue stone. I can’t resist it. Not the classic type, though. Possibly something a little more sentient…

Reference: Enc. of 5000 Spells

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