What not to wear…when you’re a street spy

I wasn’t sure where to place this post, either here or Preternatural Bites. It’s useful stuff for a number of genres.  And mainly I simply like knowing this sort of thing. What’s worn is only one aspect. The huge tome I have on covert surveillance covers so much more. 😀

Following a target on foot, usually in a team, means that they can’t all be dressed the same.  They’d stand out and it’d look like a gang on their way to a convention. In suits, the urge to ‘Reservoir Dogs‘ it would be beyond temptation…or is that just me?

  1. Avoid contrasting colours like red against green, basically dark and light colours. Black against white will stand out.  Minimise contrast in a suit with a darker shirt instead of a white one, for example.
  2. Avoid military style, practical outdoor clothes and military accessories.
  3. Be prepared and dress for the weather.  You’ll be noticed if you’re the only one getting soaked.
  4. If it proves necessary, dress for the occasion–this is probably the part that the James Bond dinner suit would actually fit in. (Gadgets from the Q Department optional) You have to blend in, no matter what.
  5. Also dress for your vehicle.  It’ll stand out if your smartly dressed–in your Bond suit–and climb into a beat up old banger.

A target is going to see you.  That can’t be helped. Whether he notices you is another matter. The aim is that he shouldn’t be able to remember you or describe you to someone else. You’re shadowing someone, so you become indistinct. Grey.

Ref: Surveillance Tradecraft

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