Sale! FREQUENCY to Ellora’s Cave

Ellora’s Cave have contracted the final book in the Planetary Bodies series, FREQUENCY.

Here’s the unofficial blurb:

Zev Vertinen has a problem. She lusts after the one man she can’t have, her captain, Frederick Jannes. They have a past—ritualised and uniquely sexual—but for her to remain a pilot aboard the CMC Theseus, they can never touch each other again.

Of course that doesn’t stop Zev lurking to catch a glimpse of Jannes naked, or making him the star of every one of her fantasies. Then sheen engulfs the ship. And the rules that have dictated their lives are changed. Jannes has changed them.

Now he will fulfil another ritual. Hunting her down and making her his. No matter the cost.

Planetary Bodies was my first ever series.  I will admit, now it’s over with, it didn’t seem so bad.  Just remind me I said this when I think about another one… 😕

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