Six Sentence Sunday: Fury

As I plot out the three remaining stories in the Planetary Bodies series -: Current, Fusion and Frequency, I’m playing about with an erotic fantasy romance with the working title of Fury.

As I type this I have about 14k written.  Hope to have a lot more when Sunday rolls around.  Anyway, here’s my six:

Sunlight gilded his muscled body.

Ava dropped her head into her hands and leaned heavily on the balustrade.  In the silence, the cool air carried the turn of his bare feet over the sand of the arena, the soft huffs of his breath as his supple body flowed through the series of twisting, intricate moves. The marble dug into her bony elbows and she ignored the pain for her illicit moment of man-watching.

Captain Nahum Heyerdar put on his naked show every morning, just as the sun crept over the second watch tower. Welcoming the fire of the sun as she touched the earth.

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43 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Fury

  1. illicit moment of man-watching — nice pass time! LOL
    I expect the sight of Captain Nahum Heyerdar, naked, first thing in the morning, was a glorious thing to see. LOVE THIS SIX! Your descriptions are awesome.

  2. I enjoyed the detail in your sentences, which I usually don’t. I’m a straight forward gal, but when the scene merits it, I love to be deeply immersed, and you’ve done that to perfection here. Great job.


  3. Taryn Kincaid

    Oh, gosh. You totally had me at his gilded body. But then I thought she was getting ready to throw her head over the balustrade at him! I must need more coffee! Terrific opening.

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