Crazy with the plotting

My head was fuzzy this afternoon, so I took my Scrivener trial in to the real world and plotted up Fury – well as much as a non-plotter like me can plot.  The other half wanted to stand back from it and see if he could see Megamind…

7 thoughts on “Crazy with the plotting

  1. @CB Wentworth – I’m so tempted to get a whiteboard. But they’re expensive here *sigh*, and I don’t think I’d get a look in with my two boys!

    @Savannah Chase – Thanks 🙂

    @ Voireylinger – Almost darksiding 🙂 I think I could only plot like this if there was enough of an external/non-romance plot, which Fury has. Don’t think I’m giving up my pantster ways just yet… 😀

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