Six Sentence Sunday: Wild Card

Okay, I have been a bad, bad Sunday Sixer.  The next bit of Current is barely legible scribbles in my notebook.  I’m squinting at them now.  Barely doesn’t cover it.  So… I did the random number thing, listed my wips and books and picked one for today. Hence ‘Wild Card’.  I will actively ignore the bunny that is twitching over this title.

And the winner is…

Flesh and Shadows

Now one man, with simply a dash of an alien reptile, had her thrown.

Rand’s soft laughter pulled at her and his finger traced down her throat to the open neck of her blouse. He skirted above the swell of her breast. Niamh’s pelvis tightened, wanting to deny the ache, the way Rand’s calloused fingers excited her skin. “Unlike the snake that bit me, I like to play.”

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