Six Sentence Sunday: Current

Oops disappeared for a few weeks there.  Stuff and being ill got in the way 🙂

I have to stop with the Bitter Harvest snippets, I’m afraid, as it’s getting near the end and I’d give away yum stuff…so I’m moving onto Current.  It’s the third in the Planetary Bodies series. I have to write it after Bitter Harvest is packed away.  So this is a sneak peek.  Enjoy.

“Captain Lawe is not with us, if you don’t wish to…sully your experience with him.”  She eased her grip and took Syato’s arm, urging her past the throng of muttering people.  “I have some beautiful new boys visiting from Callisto.  Sleek, bronzed and with the longest tongues I have ever seen.”  A smile twitched her lips.  “Genetic enhancement is a wonderful thing.”

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