Six Sentence Sunday: Bitter Harvest ~ part three

And yet more from Messrs Rider and Sutton:


“Are you strong enough to make me stop, lieutenant?”

“What kind of fucked up—”

Rider cupped his balls and Sutton froze. The hot spike of lust caught him and he couldn’t breathe.  Clever fingers teased him to new levels of need.

“Maybe there is something still fucked up in my brain, but I know I want someone to make me end this.”  Rider’s breath brushed his lips and his whisper was raw and hot.  “Are you him?”

18 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Bitter Harvest ~ part three

  1. I’m still licking my lips from that post. It was very succulent.

    The one thing I would suggest is that “The hot spike of lust” sounds like it’s talking about something specific, or there’s only one time they get to feel lust. Otherwise it should be “A hot spike of lust.”

    Great Six, and I’d love to see the whole story.

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