Six Sentence Sunday: Kingdoms, part three

This is my last post from Kingdoms for a while, as I have to well, actually write it, lol.  Enjoy a bit more of the Beast…


Maura let out a slow sigh.  “The mid-winter feast is slow and dull, Seager.  I grabbed at an excuse.”  She pulled a short kiss from Ladon’s mouth.  “Shame my barbarian is always so…noisy.”

Seager coughed and a slash of red cut over his cheeks.  “We will await you, Majesty.”

The door closed with a heavy thunk, leaving her alone with the barbarian.  Maura pushed him away.  Ladon didn’t move.

“What just happened here?”  His low, angry voice brushed her lips and the hard length of his thigh still pressed against her sex.  “Nobody uses me.”


Also, I cheated again, sorry…but as it’s the last of him for while, I’m not feeling too guilty 😕  Next week, I promise, proper Sixing…


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