Six Sentence Sunday: Kingdoms, part two

A little bit more on Kingdoms

In a moment of weakness, she skirted the length of his bare torso, following the long, leather kirtle that revealed the solid length of his musclesd legs.  Her gaze retraced its path to the dark and intricate swirls of tattoos covering his chest and arms, ones that emphasised the sculpted perfection of his brown skin.

He made no concession for the bitter cold of her northern home in winter.  He was from the heat-blasted south, all desert and burning white skies.  Something about him radiated heat, as if he carried the fierce sun of his homeland in his flesh.

He caught her staring and held her gaze.  His mouth twitched.

And I cheated. There’s an iddy biddy extra sentence in there. Forgive me…?


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