You’re not going to believe this…

…but I have a fan club! lol

Dawn Montgomery and Hailey Edwards have decided to spontaneously form one.  They even have a badge, lol

kimknoxbutton-by-hailey-edwardsDawn has this on her blog:

Save the button and upload it, leave a link in comments here or at Kim’s blog and you’ll be entered to win a copy of a Kim Knox backlist of your choice, purchased by me. She thinks I’m crazy for doing this, btw. Check out her free read if you’ve never read any of her stuff before. Contest ends 20 July. Good luck!

5 thoughts on “You’re not going to believe this…

  1. It’s like this – stalking is illegal, but fan clubs are PC. Plus, you get hats and t-shirts.


    I finished Flesh and Shadows last night. So good. I was a little curious about the snake angle, but you made me a believer. Is there a line we can stand in to get bitten?

    Just sayin’

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