Thursday Thirteen #8 – Paintings

13 Painting by John W Waterhouse.

Yes, bit of an odd one this week, but I do love his work.

Thirteen Things about Kim Rees1….

The Sorceress ~ 1913. I’m co-founder of a group of writers called the Daughters of Circe. This image forms a part of our logo. And I really would love to have hair that colour!

2… The Magic Circle ~ 1886. I just want to write a story around this one. The beautiful dressed sorcerer with her wild hair, chickens and crows *grin*

3… Dolce Far Niente ~ 1880. It means ‘It’s sweet doing nothing’, which is perfect for this blog, LOL. It’s also posted on the Daughters of Circe blog as a part of May Madness


Ulysses and the Sirens ~ 1891. Have to admit, I’ve always been obsessed about Greek myths since I was very small and constantly read Enid Blyton’s take on it, LOL


The Siren ~ 1900. She looks so graceful sitting on that outcrop of very jagged rock… LOL I could still stare at it for a good long while though, just for her skin and the silver glint of her tail. *grin*


The Crystal Ball (with Skull) ~ 1902. The feel of the fabric, the way he’s painted the tiles… *sigh* Even the skull is cool, LOL


A Tale from the Decameron ~1916. I like the girl on the far left. Yadda, Yadda, heard it all before *smirk*


Consulting the Oracle ~ 1882 I originally started looking at Waterhouse again this week because of this painting. I was hunting for images of Delpi and this popped up.


La Belle Dame Sans Merci ~1893. I studied Keats at college. Much prefer looking at this painting though… though just reading the poem again, it actually gave me chills, LOL


Boreas ~ 1902. I could happily stare at this one all day. I love the colours and the incredible folds of that slate blue material.


Hylas and the Nymphs ~1896. This has what I’ve always loved about Waterhouse since I first saw his painting: the incredible luminscience of his subjects’ skin.


The Danaides ~ 1903. Second most favourite painting. Not a very pleasant myth… but if you have to pour water endlessly, then pouring it with those jars wouldn’t be so bad 😉


Miranda – The Tempest ~ 1916. Absolutely most favourite painting. I love his redheads, LOL

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33 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #8 – Paintings

  1. Danielle

    I just realized how much I enjoy visiting on WW and TT that I gave you the ol bookmark. Just wonderful works of art. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Be well and enjoy the day

  2. PJ

    I’d never seen any of these, but I really liked seeing them. I’m getting into mythology so many of these paintings really appeal to me.

  3. damozel

    Just gorgeous…I adore Waterhouse, but I think my favorite is probably “The Lady of Shalott”—such melancholy and I love the greens and golds. I was thrilled to see some I’m not familiar with…I must spend more time studying for them; they are magnificent.

  4. Wacky Mommy

    Thank you! I love his stuff, too, (esp. La Belle Dame Sans Merci) but I always forget to include him when I’m making a list of my favorite artists.

  5. L^2

    I’m only familiar with a couple of these paintings – I guess I should have paid more attention during Art History back in college – but they’re all beautiful. And I wish I had that hair color too. 🙂

  6. Christie

    you’re so right about #13. not to be compared at all, but my grandmother painted a similar painting for me that’s hanging above my bed. there’s something somber and meditative about it. also love the crystal ball painting. great list! thanks for sharing!

  7. Susan Helene Gottfried

    Wow, Kim, that is one painter I could really dig. You’ve managed to get my mind churning tonight; thanks! I love being inspired.

    Happy TT!

  8. Tink

    I love Waterhouse! My favourite painting is The Lady of Shalott (on boat), but he has made so many beauties…

    My TT lists the 13 goals of a witch, with my thoughts on them.

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