Chosen is away… and hello! to Nimue’s Price

I did it. It’s gone. Finally.

Chosen is gone!

I think this is the first story I started and completed in one go. That is, without twiddling with something else and going back to it in a couple of months. And even then, some days I struggled to write more than a few words. I wrote the final 8000 words in the last fortnight, and 6000 of those since Saturday.

So it seems I need an external deadline to finish anything.

And I should have several projects on the go at once, so I don’t lose interest in writing completely, LOL

And yesterday, Nimue’s Price popped up on the Coming Soon pages at Samhain.
This is a link to the author’s page, as the Coming Soon pages are transient.
Kim Knox

But here’s a picture… couldn’t resist…: