I’m so slack… *sigh*

I’ve been a blog slacker again, haven’t I?

I got caught up in the mad dash to christmas, honest. Oh, and needing to sleep.

But all of the presents are bought – except for a few The Ent has to buy for his step dad and for me, obviously. I even spent a mad Tuesday last week wrapping them all. Forty presents wrapped in 2hours 15 minutes. Has to be some sort of record, surely.

Grandma Gandalf gave us all money for Christmas… so much better than going ‘OMG, what is *that*?’ which we do every year with The Ent’s family *snicker*

No. Honest. They’re lovely. Whatever they are.

So I bought books. There’s a surprise. Lots and lots of books. I was a woman possessed in Borders. The Ent has a CD player thingy that would be on its why from Essex anytime now. It’s a present from all of us, so he can justify the expense, hehe. And Frodo and Samwise have more toys that you can shake a really big stick at.

Other than that I don’t think I’ve been doing anything else. But then my mind is usually a blank if I try to think as far back as yesterday *sigh*

Of to see Casino Royale tomorrow. So I’ll probably have a rant about that.

Torchwood: It’s not growing on me. Captain Jack becomes more shiny and plastic as the weeks roll on. Maybe he’s an auton? That would be a nice ending, as they melt him done and turn him into six pinters.

Stargate 200 episode: All’s anyone can say is, had its moments… but didn’t RDA look like he was at death’s door? Again.

Off to sort out Varo. I’ll update NaNo later. I’m all blogged out…

One thought on “I’m so slack… *sigh*

  1. impworks

    I just realised Captain Jack rhymes with Captain Black. Well it would given they both end in “ack”! While the can’t be killed thing has some merits it does the bad teflon bond thing. If you know he can’t be killed you lose a lot of tension from the story. I’m sure it’s one of the reasons Spooks works is knowing that any of the characters might die without warning in any episode. Or go mad. Or have to go on the run. At least with the Doctor he might regenerate. Jack just gets up and carried on like nothing happened.

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