Torchwood… argh!

I enjoyed tonight’s episode… but for people watching on Wednesday, please can you point me in the direction of the sf element in his story??

And Owen? Puh-lease? Deeply unattactive, much? *grin*

3 thoughts on “Torchwood… argh!

  1. impworks

    Its an old SF/Horror trope. The twist being that its all humans after all no aliens/monsters!

    Left me a bit cold I’m afraid to say. Didn’t affect me. Didn’t build up the tension well. Didn’t explain how the villagers went from ninja assassins to regular defeatable people. The policeman twist was just obvious. I can’t name an episode but I’d bet there was an X-File that did it better and there are novels and films that have played it out better too. They may be able to get away with that because a lot of the audience wont have come across this twist before.

    Reinforced my feeling that the Torchwood team need a few weeks at a good training camp. They have cool gear and knowledge but they need some tradecraft to back it up.

    Sorry to be so down on it because I like a lot about Torchwood but I’m begining to wonder where the weakness is in production. I can’t decide if the scripts are weak, the budget too small, the schedule too tight or what.

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