NaNo – Day 18 – 30

Yes, I became the ulimate slacker during the last twelve days of NaNoWriMo.

I blame it on Christmas present buying, wrapping them and Winter Fatigue. That’s the new craze, since SADs is old hat now… 😉

Anyway, my total got to: 35529

I know it’s not the magical 50k number, and I also slipped from the 40k I was aiming for. But it probably works out that I wrote 35.5k in about a fortnight. With multiple resting days in between. And it pushes Alchemy over the 50k mark. That means I only have about another 20k to write. Which is a lot better then when November started and I had about 15k and the story was already a year old.

Rewrites are going to be a bugger, though, LOL

I just have ** inserts with a list of things that need to happen and then I’ve moved on to the more interesting, less research-heavy scene.

Now I have to put Alchemy away for a while and get up to speed with Past Lies. That needs a major plot change and 10k added. By the end of December. It should be doable… *gulp*

Oh and here’s what my writing course tutor thought of Alchemy’s prologue.

I like this; it really rattles along, great tension – lots of obstacles overcome and a twist at the end. Believeable characters, empathy with Alesh.

At some point, you will need to answer why Zenos has turned. I agree with you about the ending – I bit Mills and Boon, I thought.

…if he only knew…. 😉