I’ve been writing…

…I know, shocking isn’t it.

But it hasn’t been that much, if that’s any consolation *grin*

My mind is oddly blank about the past few days. I could tell, you in detail, what’s been happening to Alesh and Varo, but my real life is vague.

I went to my other, other writing group last night. We all wrote a page of drama. Mine was pants, LOL Next week it’s poems. 4 lines and 8 lines. I think I may be giving the Vogons a run for their money. A poet I am not, LOL

Oh, and I meant to rant earlier about this week’s episode of Torchwood.

Anyone want to enlighten me as to what the hell the episode was about, besides showing again that they were post-watershed? I was completely and utterly confused. Something about the episode felt… disjointed.

And the end? The uncaring stepdad gets a Faerie fist shoved down his throat, Captain Jack gives away the daughter… and then they all troop back to the souped-up 4×4 and leave the distraught woman in her back garden… WTF?

Next week’s one looks better, though. *shrug* Here’s hoping.

Anyway. NaNo link is here:

6 thoughts on “I’ve been writing…

  1. Olivia Lorenz

    LOL I meant the fairies, I haven’t seen the new episode yet as the digibox went BOOM. Now I wish I’d seen the burger van… although from what I remember of the trailer, the ep was about zombies in the Brecon Beacons so maybe I don’t want to know about those burgers…

  2. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    Yup, Ianto was much better being mysterious.

    And I’m still not enamoured of Captain Jack… doubt I ever will be.

    I must have had my muffled brain on, even catching it again, I still can’t understan what the hell the fairies wanted, LOL

  3. Olivia Lorenz

    I thought it started out as quite promising. I liked the idea of fairies being thoroughly unpleasant creatures (okay, this is not a new twist), and for the first time since the series began I actually liked Captain Jack because of his interaction with the old lady.

    Then I realised there were only fifteen minutes left of the show and they hadn’t even begun to resolve the storyline – which is about when the stupidity really kicked in with the mother’s bf etc etc.

    It reminded me of that old standby when we were doing creative writing in exam conditions and the teacher announced we had five minutes left. Nine times out of ten the ending was rushed and finished with “And then I woke up, it had all been a dream”. That was what that episode was like. Good to start with, but increasingly pointless.

    At least it was better than the Cyberwoman episode of last week. That was shockingly bad. I’d quite liked Ianto until he revealed himself to have the backbone of a sausage.

  4. impworks

    I have to agree. Torchwood felt like someone had an idea along the lines of “Lets do an episode on faries because I’ve got a great idea for the end where we reveal someone taken from now in a supposedly faked photograph from 100 years ago.” Unfortunately they then didn’t have any other good ideas.

    There were several ways they could have made it more interesting. If she’d been a changling and her biological father had been one of the fay hence them protecting her. That would have been far more interesting than where they ended up .

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