And two more books bite the dust

After Medalon was over… Hurray… I ploughed into some Pratchett.

Jingo, after Medalon, made me realise how sharp and tight Mr P writes.

Medalon sprawled and scenes often ended with two characters talking about the main characters doing something. The following scene would then be those two main characters acting out the scene the others had just discussed. That happened a few times and I ‘Arghed’ a lot, LOL.

I liked Jingo. It’s been a while since I read any TP books. It was fast paced, witty and ended in that one book. Double hurrah. I have an aversion to trilogies.

The second book read today is The Wee-Free Men. The pontificating in this one seemed more ham fisted then the anti-war message of Jingo *shrug* You sort of got used to the dialect thing – but it was still annoying, LOL

I also think Samwise is Wentworth *sigh*

Tomorrow I may write.